Pressure Washing Educational Articles


Commercial Applications

Airplane Pressure Washing

Tips on how to airplane cleaning, aircraft cleaning, airplane washing and detailing. Tips on power washing instructions.

Fleets Pressure Washing

If you are looking for a way to clean your vehicles quicker and more effectively, the fleet pressure washing may be the answer. Fleet pressure washing will keep your vehicles looking sleek and pristine.

Pressure Washers Used on Golf Course Equipment

Golf course equipment can often times be very hard to clean especially since golf courses experience such a high influx of foot traffic. Grease, oil, grime, dust and dirt can tend to linger on the golf course equipment much to the dismay of the maintenance employers.

Tanker Truck Cleaning with High Pressure Cleaning Heads

There are a variety of pressure washers that are used to provide different types of tanker truck cleaning solutions. The heads are designed to clean tanker trucks whose container's diameter is or can be a maximum of 15 ft.

Cleaning a Toll Plaza

If you are considering to offer proposals to clean toll plaza, here is a great information you need to know — the right equipment, cleaning methods, and the coordination between several agencies.

Colleges and Universities Power Washing

Keep the ivory towers gleaming in the sun with these pressure wash tips.

Municipalities: Parks and Recreation Areas

A municipality's park is the city's statement to the world. Keep your statement clean and orderly with these pressure washing suggestions.

Restaurants Ducts Cleaning

Duct cleaning should be done regularly to keep your restaurant clean and safe.

Restaurants Pressure Washing

Aside from quality of service and food, pressure washing your restaurant's parking lot, kitchen, dumpster and other areas can gain you more customers.

Street Departments and Road Clean Ups

You don't need a costumed crime-fighter to keep your city streets clean. These pressure washer tips will help, though.

Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis court cleaning may seem to be a daunting task, but, with the right tools, you can have your court looking new in no time.

Tourist Attractions and Their Maintenance

Pressure washing can keep tourist attractions, well, attractive. And, first impressions are everything in business.

Air Duct Cleaning

Breathe easier by being confident in your knowledge of the importance of air duct cleaning after reading this article.

Blinds and Awnings Cleaning

Cleaning blinds and awnings is not a easy job but with the use of a power washer, telescoping wands, and the right cleaning detergent... it will be as easy as 1-2-3.

Cob Blasting: A Wonderfully "Green" Alternative to Standard Power Washing When Water is Unavailable or Undesirable

What is "Cob Blasting"? Read this article to find out how the pressure washer industry is venturing into "greener" pastures.

Exhaust Pressure Washing

When you think of open flames and a restaurant, thoughts of fresh, flame-broiled burgers and steaks may come to mind and there are many other reasons restaurants and other food service operations need to maintain their exhaust ducts by giving a periodic pressure washing.

Pressure Washing Railcars — Your New Training Program

This article is a must-read for any pressure washer contractor.

Benefits of Steam Pressure Washing

What is steam pressure washing and how can it benefit you? Steam pressure washing is used for both commercial and industrial cleaning applications.

Storage Tank Washing

Undersand the concept of storage tank washing and cleaning from various deposits.

A Lifesaver - A Mobile Car Wash Pump Station

Convenience can make or break a company. If your customers can't get to you, go to them. This article will give you excellent ideas for taking your car-cleaning business mobile.

A Lifesaver - A Mobile Car Wash Pump Station

Convenience can make or break a company. If your customers can't get to you, go to them. This article will give you excellent ideas for taking your car-cleaning business mobile.

An Efficient Car Wash System

This article will provide you with the basic information to set up an efficient and cost-effective car wash business.

Car Wash Coin Meters — The Answer to a Smooth Business Operation

A small investment to a flare to your growing carwash business. Find out why a car wash count meters is a nice extra feature for you.

Car Washing Equipment

Learn what it takes to get your customer's cars clean while you stay filthy — filthy rich.

Carwash Machines

This article demonstrates the importance of keeping your car wash facilities up-to-date.

Handy Accessory That Works Fast and Efficient

Learn how car wash vacuum systems can be a profitable addition to your business.

Why use a Reverse Osmosis System?

No matter what application you need a filter for, a reverse osmosis system is the most effective option on the market. Use a reverse osmosis system to filter everything from bacteria to salts, and achieve better results than ever before.

Honda Pressure Washers

Honda pressure washers are known for their high-quality engine construction. This quality ensures that you will have a pressure washer engine that will last you through many years and uses. It gives added value to your initial investment when you purchase a quality product that lasts and lasts.

The Penetrating Warmth of Infrared Heaters

Don't get left out in the cold this winter. Discover the merits of infrared heaters in this article

Water Softener Systems

Water softeners are designed to deionize water and to remove minerals. The use of water softeners enhances the power of chemicals.

Graffiti Removal

How-to conduct graffiti removal off of brick, masonry, concrete and other surfaces.

Grease Removal

Learn what it really takes to remove those stubborn stains.

Use Sandblasting Equipment to Remove Graffiti

Find great suggestions from the experts on how to deal with this growing blight.

Clean Water for the Community — Waste Water Treatment Systems

Your customers will think you are a wizard with the cleaning feats you will be able to accomplish using these helpful tips.

How to Run Your Power Washing Business with Non Potable Water

Sometimes you can't operate under optimal conditions. This article will show you how to adapt under adversity.

Saving Our Resources with the Water Oil Separators

Every responsible corporate citizen should read this article.

Water Containment Systems

The Vacu-Boom is the perfect water containment system in several cleaning applications. Prevent contamination from run off or clean up hazardous material spills quickly, in a matter of minutes.

Sewer Jetting With High Pressure Nozzles

Learn different types and sizes of high pressure nozzles for your sewer cleaning needs. Sewer jetting nozzles will range in pressure from 1000 PSI up to 10000 PSI.

Important Facts about Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Discover the potential to diversify your pressure washer business with only a few accessory upgrades.

Sewer Drain Jetting

Find out on how to perform sewer drain jetting in residential or industrial pipes.

Waste Treatment Essential — Water Jetting Equipment

This article explains what water jetting is and how it impacts our daily lives.

Sprinkler Hydrostatic Test Pump Used in Sprinkler Testing

Learn how this piece of equipment can help you stand out from the competition.

Replacement motors for carwash vacuums

Different variety of vacuum motors and tips for prolonging the life of your Vacuum.

Kranzle Electric Pressure Washers

Find out why you should choose Kranzle Electric Pressure Washer and its many advantages.

Steam Pressure Washers

Advantages of using Steam Pressure Washers

Choosing a Vacuum Motor

Things to consider when choosing a Vacuum Motor

Effective Anti-icing Procedures

Safer roads, decrease insurance claims, protects environment.

Need for anti-icing

Use of tailgate salt spreaders and liquid de-icers.

Stadium Cleaning - The hardest cleaning job

Numerous challenges that come with cleaning stadiums.

Pressure Washing EPA Compliance Assistance

Regulations and enforcements.

Engine Emissions Requirement and Cost Increases

Read about requirements and standards to follow.

Engine Emissions Requirement and Cost Increases

Read about requirements and standards to follow.

How to Use Water Trash Pumps and Its Applications

Learn how to use water trash pumps and their advantages.

Industrial Applications

Cleaning Farms or Stables

Farms and stables are considered to be very dirty and messy places to work in. There is a way that can reinvent the way in which a farm or stable can be cleaned.

Livestock and Pressure Washing

If you own or run a farm, you know what it means to work with animals. As much as we love the furry creatures- and love to eat their bi-products- they can be dirty! Owning a pressure washer, and using it frequently is one way to protect yourself, your workers, your animals and those who visit or purchase your products. When working with food, sanitizing is everything.

Pressure Cleaning Poultry Farms

Discover how a pressure washer can make the quality of life better for poultry and poultry farmers.

Pressure Washing Farm Equipment, Industrial and Agricultural Machinery

Learn how pressure washers can help extend the life of your farm equipment investment.

Cleaning Off-shore Platforms

As demonstrated by recent events, off-shore platforms can be extremely hazardous. This article illustrates how pressure washers can increase safety in these environments.

Restoration with Hydro Blasting

Cleaning and resurfacing concrete structures is important, especially in areas that receive a lot of rain. Using water blasters to do concrete restoration are becoming more popular for many reasons.

Power Washing Refineries with Water Blasters

Power washing, water blasting or hydro blasting is the best way to clean dirt, grime, oil, and chemicals from refineries. It will not only remove harsh chemicals from walls, chimneys, pipes, ovens, and heating chambers, it will also be able to get into those tight spots that are difficult to reach.

Vessel Paint Stripping with Water Blasters

Vessel paint stripping with pressure washers is not too different from power washing other surfaces. If you plan on doing this while the vessel is docked in a marina or other body of water, check local environmental laws concerning removal of paint chips, dumping chemicals, and other restrictions.

Water Blasting Barnacles

If you own a boat, then you understand the importance of clearing away barnacles and algae that form on the sides and bottom of your boat. Over time, barnacles can actually cause your boat to slow down and waste gas due to extra weight and drag on the water.

Cleaning Pipes and Tubes Blocked by Concrete

Over time pipes and tubes used to carry water, debris, or waste become blocked by residue, sediment, and concrete. This makes it difficult to flush away rainwater and after a while, these blockages can cause backflow.

Cleaning Stains and Chemicals with Hot Water Pressure Washer

Learn how and why a hot water pressure washer can save you time and increase your efficiency

Cleaning Tanks

Pressure washing is essential to the maintenance of storage tanks. This article provides great tips on how to best use your pressure washer for this application.

Silos Pressure Cleaning

This article illustrates the importance of regular silos cleaning, and how pressure washers are well-suited for this task

Wastewater Disposal; an Important Business Factor to Consider

Wastewater can be a problematic by-product of pressure washing. This article will provide important details to keep in mind when disposing of wastewater.

Water Containment and Capture When Using a Pressure Washer

Using the suggestions in this article will enable you to properly contain water used in pressure washing so it will not pollute the surrounding area.

Timber Wood Stripping with Pressure Washers

Learn the techniques used by the pros to get any wood deck or home looking brand new.

Pressure Washer Cleaning Heads

This article will inform you as to what you need to know in order to get the right tool for the job.

Plastic Pallets — A Growing Industry

As plastic pallets gain in market share, savvy pressure washing entrepreneurs can use the information provided here to grow their business as well.

Oil Rig, Oil Refinery, and Oil Field Cleaning

A special cleaning equipment is needed to clean these flammable work area to keep your workers safe. Find out the ideal pressure washing equipment for a safe working environment.

Explosion Proof Power Washers

Designed for use in hazardous environments, where safety is critical. These cleaners feature explosion proof components and a heavy duty, sealed, cast aluminum enclosure with galvanized steel conduit.

Use of Industrial Curtains

Industrial curtains can be used to contain water, or noise in the smaller space. Also they can keep cold air in with a refrigeration unit or to cordon off a welding area

Dosatron chemical dispensers

Advantages of using Dosatron chemical dispensers

How do Hydraulic Pressure Washers Work?

Find out how these machines work when it comes to cleaning your farm machinery

Water Recovery Systems

When it comes to cleaning vehicles and equipment, water recovery systems play a crucial role

WasteWater Recovery

Primary areas of concern within the Industry.

Pressure Washers Hot Water Models

One of the most effective Pressure Washers.

Cold Water for Hot Weather Concrete Production

Why is air cooled water chiller important when it comes to concrete processing?

Screen Printing Cleaning: Pressure Washing in the Printing Industry

Power washing in the print industry, using pressure washing for screen printing cleaning.

High Pressure Hose Reels

Important features and how to choose the best high pressure hose reels.

How do Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners Work?

Ultrasonic cleaners can be used to clean a variety of small parts, from automotive to jewellery.

Industrial Construction Sprayer

Used for spraying a variety of chemicals such as pesticides, acids, oil and more.

Pneumatic Power Washer

Economical and environmentally friendly pressure washers.

Neoprene Industrial Floor Squeegee

Perfect for industrial and commercial uses.

Keep it Clean with Vinyl Curtains

Great for pressure washing applications such as washing down cars, trucks, equipment and more. Contains water spray in one area.

Professional Back Pack Sprayers

Use back pack sprayers to disinfect an area while cleaning.

Green Cleaning: Recycling Waste Water

Comply with the EPA guidelines and help us protect our environment by properly recycling waste water.

Trust and distributor-contractor Relationship

Long lasting trust between a contractor and distributor.

Gray Water for a Cleaner Earth

Use waste water recovery systems to keep our environment clean.

Residential Applications

Power Washing: A Great Way to Give Your Home a Quick Facelift

Every homeowner can benefit from the information provided here.

Wood Cleaning

Do the trick when cleaning your deck, fence or even outside walls — know the right pressure, tip and cleaning agent for wood cleaning.

Flat Surfaces Need the Water Broom

When it comes to cleaning flat surfaces, a use of water broom attached to your pressure washer will make your job efficient and less strain from your back than using a wand alone.

ATV's Pressure Washing

Pressure washing appears to be the best and easiest method to clean these vehicles.

Boat Pressure Washing

Find out how to properly and safely power wash your boat.

Cleaning Gutters With Gutter Cleaner

Is it time to clean-up your gutters with debris? A gutter cleaner attachment can make your gutter cleaning efficient and safe from the ground.

10 Tips for Deck Cleaning with a Pressure Washer

When a deck is in need of serious, deep cleaning, only a pressure washer can achieve the results you need. Not only will it clean deeper, but using a pressure washer will greatly speed up the deck cleaning process.

Pools Pressure Washing

Things you need to know before giving your pool area a pressure washing treatment.

Cleaning Tile Roof Using a Pressure Washer

Roofs of the Southeast are prone to algae and mildew build-up due to the higher humidity.?? This can be an appealing opportunity for pressure washing businesses.

Pressure Washer Tow Behind

Great for Residential use, convenient and not too heavy to move around.

Window Squeegees-Keep your Glass Clean and Sparkling

Everything you need to know about window squeegees and their many varieties.

Power Washers

Power washers are great for commercial and residential uses.

Brick Cleaning: A Proven Profitable Business for Both Contractors and Distributors

Brick cleaning can be done quickly and efficiently with a pressure washer. Learn how to clean your brick effectively with the same machine with which you clean your deck and siding.

Why Choose Electric Snow Throwers

Great for cleaning your sidewalk or driveway from snow build up.

Getting Condo Maintenance Work

Learn the procedures and how to get the condo maintenance jobs.

Why Choose Gas Snow Throwers?

Don't want to hassle with electrical cords or outlets? Try our gas snow thrower.

Optimize Your Business with Pressure Washer Accessories

Variety of accessories for your business success.

Advantages of Using Infra Red Heaters

Heat efficiency and even heat penetration.

Benefits of Using Submersible Water Pumps

Efficiency,convenience and variety.

Many Varieties of Garden Hose Reel

Great advantages of having hose reels and their uses.

Power washer extension wand

Extend your reach with these wands! Use with power washer of pressure pumps.

Floor Scrubber Squeegee Blade

Usage and replacement parts for your squeegee blades.

Hose Holder

Store your hose neatly and safely with a hose holder. A variety of designs to choose from.

Condo Cleaning

Increase revenue of your pressure washing business.

Tips and Benefits Articles

Preform a Pump Oil Change in 4 Easy Steps

Learn to perform a pump oil change the right way with a non-detergent oil. Whether you use the drain plug, a suction gun or an oil change pump, this guide will walk you through the process of performing a pump oil change.

First Aid for Eye Emergencies

First aid training saves lives. The information provided here can save someone's eyesight.

Safety in the Workplace when using a High Powered Pressure Washer

When dealing with high powered cleaning equipment, it is recommended to wear safety gears.

Safety Eye Protection — Focus on Your Bottom Line

Manage the risks involved with pressure washing by educating yourself on the need and merits of eye protection.

Safety Protection for Fun and Profit

Keeping your employees reasonably safe is a responsibility for any business owner. These suggestions are the basics in preventing avoidable injuries.

Winter Safety Tips for Keeping Warm and Staying Profitable

Don't let the cold weather get you down. This article illustrates how to care for your equipment and employees in harsh, frigid conditions.

Safety Tips for Towing a Trailer

Whether you are a beginner or an expert towing a trailer, it is best to practice proper maintenance and to remember basic knowledge for a safety driving.

Pressure Washer Health and Safety

Be aware of the potential hazards on your work site. This article illustrates the more common hazards you may find associated with pressure washing

Pressure Washing With Bleach — Uses and Complications

Find out more information with the advantages and disadvantages of using bleach with pressure washer.

How CFATS (Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards) May Affect Your Power Washing Business

If you work with water in any way, it would behoove you to read this article.

Health Insurance for Business; Obstacles, Options, and Optimism

Find tips and other options to provide health insurance to you and your employees to keep you and your employees healthy and in business.

Understanding the Importance of Pressure Washers' PSI and GPM

Understanding the pressure washer PSI and GPM rating is important when selecting the right pressure washer for you. Learn how they relate to cleaning and what PSI and GPM are right for your application.

Importance of Understanding Your Business Equipment

Understanding your equipment is an essential aspect of successfully running your business.

Basics of Wood Restoration

Protect your wooden structures from the elements using these professional methods.

Graffiti Removal Tips

Get tips from the pros on how to remove graffiti without damaging the surface.

Legacy Pumps

Learn what makes Legacy Pumps great for pressure washers.

Drain Cleaner

You can convert your pressure washer to a drain cleaner for residential or even commercial use. Find the right kit and save more.

Pressure Washer Extension Wand

Pressure washer extension wands will make your job easier and reduce wear and tear on your body.

Reliable — Dependable Engines & Parts — Briggs and Stratton Parts

Learn what sets Briggs and Stratton parts apart from the competition.

Portable Storage Tanks — A Timesaver

Untether yourself from the water faucet and gain the mobility and flexibility you need with a portable storage tank.

Pressure Pumps

Everything you need to know about this vital pressure washer component.

Making Grooming Pets Easier

Pet washing machines make life easier for the groomer and, more importantly, the pet.

Everything You Need to Know About Floor Squeegees

A versatile tool used in such diverse applications from industrial to professional golf.

Pressure Washer Guide — Picking the Right Equipment

Finding the right pressure washer for your application is not a easy task. Find out what are the top 3 important factors when selecting the right equipment for you.

Space Heaters

One of the best ways to add extra heat to your warehouse, show room, hangar, or a farm shed is through the use of space heaters.

Step Out of the Fog and into Mist Cooling Systems

Beat the heat even outdoors. Cool down with a mist cooling system.

E-A-S-Y Paint Removal Using Pressure Washer And Sand Blaster Equipment Combinations

Discover the merits of using pressure washers to remove paint rather than traditional, back-breaking methods.

Use of Sand Blasters


Power Washing Business Plan on Increasing Gas Prices

During this fluctuating economy, learning to plan and calculate your costs is an essential knowledge to have for a successful and profitable business.

Kranzle Pumps — The Standard for Self-Priming Pumps

Learn why Kranzle pumps are great for homeowners and business owners who can't spend a large amount of time worrying about pump maintenance.

Soda Blasting FAQ

Discover how this mild abrasive is the medium of choice for professional blasting projects.

Soda Blasting Equipment — A Synopsis

Once you determine a project requires soda blasting, make certain you have the proper equipment to get the job done right.

Pressure Loss through Hose, Pipe and Height

Find out how to determine hose pressure loss when you extend the length of the hose.

Choosing the Right Nozzle for Your Machine

Choose and find the right nozzle for your pressure washer unit as well as surface cleaner nozzle recommendations.

Guide in Buying Pressure Washer

Points to consider when buying a pressure washer.

Pressure Washer Niche: Crime Scene Cleaning

Crime scene cleaning can be very profitable.

Pressure Washing and the Law: MSDS Sheets are Mandatory

Pressure washer businesses must carry MSDS sheets by law. Learn about MSDS Sheets.