Cleaning Stains and Chemicals with Hot Water Pressure Washer


Hot water pressure washers are much more effective than the cold water counterparts, since the features in the former are better and have a broader range of cleaning functions as well. So these pressure washers are capable of making the water hot, and this is essential at times to remove oils, grease and dirt including deck wood stains.  The hot water when using pressure washers is many more times helpful since it performs an abrasive action and in combination with cleaning chemicals, the dirt, deck wood stains, floor stains, etc are broken down easily. And the water pressure makes the entire process easier by loosening the dirt and stains and carrying it away.

Hot water pressure washers are ideal for industrial application; since there are very stubborn and greasy stains that need to be removed. These hot pressure washers have burners that are built inside and this is the reason it produces heat. In the market today, there are not only different types of hot water pressure models but also plenty of brands that manufacture them as well. The range of hot pressure washers varies depending on the pressure and voltage. The pressure washers both hot and cold use gasoline or diesel to operate, and there are alternatives like hydraulic and electrical as well.  Like in the pressure specification they range from 1000 PSI to 4000PSI and 2GPM to 11GPM. And on the basis of voltage they are differentiated into 115, 208, 230, 460, 575 volts and they can be single or three phase as well. They come with other support equipment like rotator nozzles to cover a wider area, attachments for the brush and detergent too; the soap sprayers are included as well.

Hot pressure washers function in a very simple manner. They multiply the pressure of water from a garden hose and channel it through a pressurized stream, which has a pump that compresses the water. The water is sprayed with the help of a trigger in a pressurized stream in short or continuous bursts, for the water to be hot it only has to pass through the heater.

Hot water pressure washer

Though hot water pressure washers are very useful; they cannot be used on all surfaces because they can harm the surface area. For instance when cleaning a deck wood stain, it can be best done by a cold water pressure washer. However if there are a few stubborn stains, they can be removed easily by using a hot water pressure washer. The temperature has to be kept at a low and not exceed 110°F or else it will lead to “furring”.

In this way, a hot pressure washer removes some of the toughest stains like oil and grease by using something as simple as water, eliminating the need to use chemicals and harsh abrasives that may harm the walls or paint. The hot pressure washers are offered in many options and eye catching finishes. It is important to remember that when buying the pressure washer, the more the pressure the bulkier the equipment.  The prices start from $200 and the manufacturers offer warranties and many options when purchasing pressure washers.


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