Sewer Drain Jetting

Sewer blocked up? A process called sewer drain jetting will have your water flowing like new in no time.

Sewer jetting is the process of using high pressure and water to bring a sewer drain line back to like-new condition without having to actually replace the line. This is very cost-effective practice, as well as a nearly effortless task- especially for cleaning drains that are heavily used, even for grease. (You aren't supposed to be dumping that down there in the first place!)

sewer drain jetting

Anyone who has ever had to deal with a sewer or even residential septic tank knows all about clogs and back-ups. Soap scum residue, grease, hair, food, mineral deposits and more can all cause a drain to back up. As much as people try to be careful with what they send down the tube, it is almost inevitable that these things will at some time pass through eventually causing clogs. Even as careful as you are with grease- you may not directly dump it down the drain- but the remaining grease on pots, pans and plates can cause a film that over the years can build up and solidify. Sometimes a simple unclogging could do but after masses of build-up and too frequent blockages, perhaps a good sewer jetting would be a more effective method that will also last plenty longer.

There are special pressure washers designed specifically for this purpose, called sewer jetters. They can clean the pipes leading from sinks and bathtubs leading to the tanks, even those at long distances, which is especially helpful in the case of industrial piping. The sewer jetters work at a high pressure, between 2500-4000psi and 3 GPM to 20 GPM. The pressure can be adjusted throughout the job as needed. These machines use a special nozzle that gets down into the drains to loosen and cuts the clogged materials that are obstructing the pathways. This essentially scours the pipes clean and then washes the debris back up to be removed, usually through a vacuum pump.


What size drain jetter hose do I use?

1" - 4" pipe lines use 1/8" size jetter hose
2" - 6" pipe lines use 1/4" size jetter hose
5" - 10" pipe lines use 3/8" size jetter hose
8" - 12" pipe lines use 1/2" size jetter hose
10" or larger pipe lines use 3/4" size jetter hose


sewer jetters

If you are a pressure washer contractor, if you haven't already, you may want to consider adding this type of work as a speciality and advertise it well. Many municipalities have sewer lines, storm water lines, catch basins and conduits that when clogged, angry and frustrated residents unite. Knowing there is a solution to keeping these waterways clog-free is sure to keep your phone ringing! In addition, many industrial parks and complexes also have their own lines that may need a professional sewer drain jetting. Property owners and managers of apartment and housing complexes may also be good places to target as these places may also have their own sewers or septic tanks.

It's not just a plumber anymore that can come to the rescue of a clogged drain. Using a sewer jetter can do the job as well.


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