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Use Your Pressure Washer as a Sewer Jetter


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Jetter Shut-Down Instructions while sewer jetting

  1. Watch for the hose mark to arrive at the drain pipe entrance.
  2. Redure pressure gradually until pressure gauge reads zero.
  3. Stop the motor / engine.

    Motor stopping procedure for electric models:
    A. Move switch to "off" position.
    B. Disconnect Cort from electrical source.

    Motor stopping procedure for propane powered models:
    A. Move the throttle lever fully to the "right".
    B. Turn the engine switch to the "off" position.
    C. Close the propane tank valve.

    Motor stopping procedure for gasoline powered models:
    A. Move the throttle lever fully to the "right".
    B. Turn the engine switch to the "off" position.
    C. Turn the fuel valve to the "off" position.

    Warning: A left open fuel valve can flood and gum-up the carburetor. The result is a hard starting and / or rough idling engine.

  4. Continue to run water through pump and jetter hose for another minute.
  5. Close water supply and remove garden hose from faucet.
  6. Close water inlet valve and disconnect garden hose from jetter.
  7. Remove remaining jetter hose from drain pipe.
  8. Store jetter hose properly.
  9. Remove jetter nozzle as required.
  10. Open intake, discharge or pressure relief valve to drain pump.

    Warning: Never permit pump to run dry and never spray acids or abrasive fluids!

Drain Cleaning Equipment

Pulsating Drain Cleaner

Pulsating Drain Cleaners

These are portable sewer drain jetters available in electric motor or gas powered honda engines. Pressure rating from 1000 to 4000 PSI.

Drain Sewer Jetters

Cold Water Drain Sewer Jetters

Great selection of drain jetters on trailers. Sewer jetters equipped with industrial rated Honda engine for commercial and industrial applications.

Hot Water Sewer Jetters

Hot Water Sewer Jetters

Trailer mounted hot water sewer jetters and drain jetter.

Parts & Accessories

Sewer Jetter Hoses

Sewer Jetter Hoses

Your source for sewer jetter hoses and foot valves for easy and effortless work. Slick and very thin hoses and hands free foot valves for professionals and pressure washing contractors. Available in large hose diameter.

Sewer Jetter Foot Valves

Sewer Jetter Foot Valves

Operators of sewer and tube cleaning equipment need both hands free to feed or retract the hose in the sewer line.

Manhole Guard

Manhole Guard

Manhole guard is a lightweight, durable and easy to handle way to promote safety around manholes and storms drains. Protect your empoyees and the public by using this highly visible product that reduced risk and liability. If considering a way to provide manhole safety, this easy to install product is very cost effective visual warning.

Sludge Pumps

Sludge Pumps

Make your pressure washer into a sludge, slurry or water evacuation tool. Simply by attaching the quick-connect fitting on the sludge pump / muck scupper attachment to the end of your wand.

Sewer Jetting Nozzles

Sewer Jetting Nozzles

These sewer jetting nozzles are custom drilled for peak performance. Great for sewer cleaning, pipeline cleaning, drain cleaning, tube cleaning, hydro drilling and many more applications.
Pressure Range: 1750-4000 PSI

Sewer Jetting Nozzles

Cleaning Nozzles

With a patented design, these sewer jetting nozzles are suitable for use with 1/4" to 1 1/2" hose and can handle up to 180 GPM in some models. Replaceable inserts in ceramic or steel provide for longer service and warranty. Clean small residential lines to larger municipal lines up to 48". Our cleaning nozzles can handle small or larger jetting jobs.
Pressure Range: 2000 - 4000 PSI

High Pressure Nozzles, Sewer Nozzle

High Pressure Nozzles

We can custom drill your high pressure nozzles and sewer nozzles to match the flow and pressure of your equipment. You can choose high pressure cleaning nose from button nose, jet nose and or rotary jet nozzles. Available sewer nozzle kits in 3,4,5, or 6 piece.
Pressure Range: up to 10,000 PSI

Drain Cutter

Drain Cutters

A variety of drain cutter you can use whether you need to clear clogged sewer drains or cut through roots; drain cutters and blades for use with cable system for drain cleaning.


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Jetting Safety Suggestions

Caution: Pressurized water can cause serious bodily harm. Always follow the manufactures recommended operating procedures for all jetting pumps, nozzles, and accessories.

A. Before each use, carefully inspect the nozzle body for damage such as cracks, worn threads, and obstructed orifices. Replace damaged or worn nozzles immediately.

B. Thread sealant is generally recommended on NPT threaded nozzles.

C. During manual sewer, drain, pipe, or tube cleaning operations, the nozzle must be inserted into the line before pressurizing the system. Be certain the nozzle is inserted far enough into the line that any backward facing jets do not pose a hazard to the operator. Always de-pressurize the system before removing the nozzle.

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