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Backpack sprayers are specially designed spraying tanks with padded shoulder straps so that it can easily be carried around while spraying. These sprayers were designed so that it would be easer to carry the tank around while a professional works their way around an area that they are spraying. Handheld sprayers are also commonly used, but they tend to be heavy and carrying them around can become tiring.
Back pack sprayers are often used by professional together with pressure pumps. The pressure pumps are used to clean and area and the sprayers are used to disinfect it.

Main Features

The best part is that the professional back pack sprayers offer all the features of the handheld sprayers ranging from the seals, gaskets, O-rings to long wands. The storage capacity that these sprayers can offer is up to 4 gallons. Plus, they are highly durable and if used with care they can last for years. Here are some more features of these sprayers:

  • Different spraying options to accommodate every spraying need.
  • Padded backpack style straps for easy adjustments and perfect fit.
  • Filters and screens are built-in the sprayers so that debris is kept out of the nozzles.
  • Pressure regulator valve helps regulate the pressure depending on the requirement.
  • Spray wand is made of brass which means that it is unbreakable.
Back Pack Sprayers


Professional back pack sprayers have gained a lot of popularity recently. This is due to the numerous advantages that they offer to the professionals. Most importantly the advantages weigh out their costs by a great degree. Here are the advantages that these sprayers have to offer:

Each spray tank can carry chemical or all-purpose cleaners of up to 4 to 5 gallons easily. The spray tank is still very easy to carry on the back without feeling heavy at all.

Design: The tank's design is distinctive so that it can fit to the body shape perfectly just like a normal backpack.

Price: The back pack sprayers are highly affordable and can easily be bought by those on a budget. Plus, they also come with a warranty so that you have after-sales coverage. Remember only the best brands offer warranties, so choose a brand that offers it.

The sprayers easily last for many years. It is made of highly dense polyethylene and other materials that are completely chemical resistant.


Back pack sprayers are used in many professional areas. They are most commonly used by landscapers during the landscaping process of an area. They are also frequently using in farming and forestry to protect plants from insects that eat them away. It is one of the most commonly used sprayers by pest control professionals. The ease with which it can be carried around is the biggest benefit that it offers.

Another highly common place of use for these sprayers is in agriculture. In fact a separate agricultural line is actually available. This range is specially designed for the agricultural professionals who have to keep safety, cost and durability in mind. This is a highly affordable range perfect for use with chemicals used during farming.



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