Tow behind pressure washer for your successful pressure washer business

A Tow Behind pressure washer is the best type of washer to use for your cleaning business. You can just hitch it up to your truck and take it directly to your customer's home or business. It is convenient and not too bulky to move around. At the same time although it is compact it also has a lot of power for its size. This makes it ideal for residential work.

There are a number of these machines on the market. They range from 2500 PSI and 3.0 GPM to larger ones at 5000 PSI to 4.2 GPM. They mainly run on gasoline with the exception of the smallest one at 2500 PSI and 3.0 GPM which runs on diesel. The CS-3035HDH model Tow Behind pressure washer with 3000 PSI and 3.5 GPM also runs on diesel. These handy little machines can be taken anywhere and are great for smaller jobs and getting into tight spots. You can easily hitch them up and take them to any residential job.

The sort of jobs that these washers can be used for are numerous. Gutters and roofs are a big hassle to clean. They can take hours of a homeowners' time and can also be quite dangerous when they require a person to climb around on roofs. Blocked gutters can also result in a lot of problems. A Tow Behind pressure washer paired with pressure washer detergent can easily clean up clogged gutters and roofs and save a lot of time and hassle for the homeowner.

Aluminum siding for the home can also be cleaned with these handy machines. A lot of and dirt can accumulate on the sides of your home. This not only looks ugly but can produce a health hazard with mould building up. These machines can clean the siding and make it look like new in a relatively short time.

Vehicles and boats can be cleaned quickly and easily with this handy little Tow Behind pressure washer. Again it saves a lot of time and effort. When you are ready to start the fishing season you will want to have your boat spic and span and ready for action. Using one of these machines can get the job done fast. If you have a trucking company or a fleet of vehicles you will want to keep them in tip top condition. Using one of these machines is a great way to do this quickly and efficiently.

As you can see there is a great demand for a cleaning business using a Tow Behind pressure washer for these jobs and more. You will never be without a job when you use one of these handy machines for your cleaning business.

Tow behind pressure washer


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