Pressure Washing EPA Compliance Assistance


The strictness of regulations and enforcement depends on what state someone is in, but there are advantages to working with agencies to lessen health and environmental hazards. The audit policy of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers incentives to regulated parties that will voluntarily act in accordance with environmental regulations once they discover, disclose, correct and quickly prevent a repetition of such prohibited actions. Some of the incentives that the EPA provides include the reduction of gravity-based penalties to 75 percent if all the given conditions were met, systematic discovery through a pressure washing EPA compliance management program or environmental audit and no coverage of other breach like those that can cause harm.

The Small Business Policy is lighter than the audit policy. In order to become a small business, the number of employees in the whole organization (including parent or sister organization) should not be more than 100. Among the points of difference that benefit small business includes the waiving of the whole gravity penalty, even if the violation was not discerned by means of an environmental management procedure, and addressing of violations that may involve criminal conduct under the audit policy.

Based on a survey involving companies that are benefiting from the audit policy of the EPA, most had breached the Emergency planning and Community Right-to-Know Act. This includes all business enterprises that were required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for a chemical. With so many circumstances and environmental requirements that a pressure washer, distributor or manufacturer may likely encounter, it is sensible to know your options and rights, especially if you've learned that through an unexpected event or lack of knowledge you are out of pressure washing EPA compliance.

Pressure Washing EPA Compliance

Small businesses are usually the ones that are gaining much of the EPA's concern. In fact, the EPA has dedicated a Small Business Ombudsman and Small Business Division to serve this group. Both Small Business Ombudsman and Small Business Division provide small businesses pressure washing EPA compliance assistance. Regulations require the EPA to take charge of the dilemma put on small businesses in meeting or exceeding environmental requirements, which may be directed at a different situation than usual small business encounters.

The Regulatory Flexibility Act was amended by the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act and regulatory pressure washing EPA compliance simplification was required. It is the advantage of pressure washing industry to be involved and give input if the directives will have a huge impact. Affected businesses may challenge pressure washing EPA compliance with the regulation that they review the rules that will have an impact on many small businesses.

For pressure washing EPA compliance assistance, the Resource Directory of Small Business Environmental Assistance can be found at. The PDF file provides a list of state, private and federal sources of environmental data. Several trade groups or industries are included in the private sources that may be a valuable contact if you are asked to provide wastewater treatment to an unusual situation in the industry that requires cleaning. There are some pressure washing EPA compliance assistance centers that could be of particular interest. For certain activities, ten (10) Compliance Assistance Centers have been established covering areas like pressure washing, auto services, chemicals, metal finishing, printing and wiring boards.


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