Pressure Washer Niche: Crime Scene Cleaning


It takes a special type of person to be involved in crime scene cleaning, yet it can be very profitable. According to MSN Money, it is one of the top six figure earning jobs. For pressure cleaning professionals, it offers a unique opportunity to break into an uncommon niche industry. This valuable service provides much needed assistance in the aftermath of violent circumstances.

Nicknamed CTS Decon- short for Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination- this field can pay as much as $600.00 per hour. Job sites are locations where some type of violence has occurred. Murders, suicides, and accidental deaths cause contamination from blood and other body fluids. OSHA deems these as biohazards. Crime scene cleaning does require some special training, but no specific licensing.

The procedures and chemicals used for cleaning vary, depending on the surface. For indoor jobs, the process involves multiple steps for disinfecting, scrubbing, sterilizing, and odor control. Carpet and padding may need to be removed completely. When the tragedy happens outside, things can get a little more complicated.

A good example of this involved a situation where a man in Michigan shot himself in front a second story window. While the interior of the home remained clean, it left a terrible mess on the siding and the concrete patio below. It would have taken many hours to clean this scene by hand, but a pressure washer can get the job done quickly. It also eliminates some of the steps, making the whole process more efficient.
Crime Scene Cleaning

The ideal pressure washer will be one that uses hot water and has a wastewater recovery system. Gasoline or hot electric power washers would work, but it is helpful to have one powerful enough to handle spraying substances as hard as concrete. An accessory rotary scrubber is a good addition to have for removing set in blood and gore.

Crime scene cleaning can pose a health risk to workers. Blood and body tissue can transmit diseases, viruses, and bacteria to people. Major concerns are Hepatitis and HIV. Cleaners must wear special protective biohazard gear. Suits outfitted with respirator masks, boot covers, and gloves are needed. Even when the death isn't recent, there is still a hazard. Maggots often feed on the bodies of the deceased and then get left behind at the scene when the body is removed.

Who are crime scene cleaning business clients? Calls may come from various local law enforcement agencies, coroners, morgue owners, and the deceased person's family or neighbours. After equipment purchase, the biggest expense involves disposing of the bio-hazardous materials. Large items, such as mattresses or couches, have to be incinerated at a processing facility. Many times these companies have a minimum requirement for weight, so it may necessitate the need for a refrigerated storage room.

Transporting and disposing of liquid and chemical waste also requires special handling. Even the water that is used during pressure washing can't be dumped out in the back yard. Water Containment System is important. This makes up a big percentage of every cleaning bill. While there is nothing glamorous about a crime scene cleaning business, it does provide those with cast iron stomachs a good source of revenue.

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