Cleaning Off-Shore Platforms


Considering the importance of off-shore platforms, the environment they are in, and the job they perform, cleaning off-shore platforms is very important. Many different substances can contaminate a platform, including oil, grease, sludge, and salt buildup from the surrounding sea. Removal of these substances is very important from a safety standpoint. Many injuries could occur from these kinds of materials. These injuries include slips and falls. For this reason, it is important that all of these contaminates be removed on a regular basis.
The best tool for the job of cleaning off-shore platforms is an explosion proof pressure washer and good choice of cleaning chemical solution for your pressure washing. It should be able to remove any contaminates that you will come across. You will want to pressure wash all of your surfaces with a pressure of at least 3000 PSI, and a temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This should be plenty for effectively cleaning off-shore platforms. You will want to go back and forth between cleaning and rinsing. Clean your surfaces in 3 to 4 foot wide passes. Clean for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, and then rinse the surfaces thoroughly. Once the surfaces are rinsed well, continue with the cleaning. Repeat this process until the surfaces are completely clean.
Cleaning Off-Shore Platforms

Our chemicals are both safe to the environment, and is safe for waters surrounding the area where you are cleaning off-shore platforms. However, due to the nature of the contaminates that you are cleaning, you may want to check with environmental agencies concerning the safety of contaminates that may end up in the surrounding waters. It may be necessary to hold any water that may contain contaminates for later, safe disposal. However, our cleaning solutions themselves are completely safe for the environment.

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