Car Wash Equipment

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Commercial vehicle washing is one part of the cleaning sector where Ultimate Washer's know-how and experience can provide special solutions. With our constant car wash equipment research and development resulting in improvements of design and function, we offer additional comfort for the carwash customer. Our car wash equipment systems and Ceiling Booms, available in different versions and sizes, are ready for installation. Here you'll find the perfect Boom for your Car Wash Bay.

  • Available in multiple styles and sizes
  • Upgradeable for high pressure and high temperature
  • Self lubricated ball bearings
  • High quality swivels
  • Insulated high pressure hose
  • Completely polished stainless steel
  • Knowledgeable and friendly service and support

Quality components guarantee low maintenance !

Car Wash Equipment

Car Wash FAQs

Q: What is the advantage of buying a dual boom bay package compared to a single boom bay package?
A: The dual gives you two booms, one for use with the spray gun and the other for use with a foam gun.

Q: What is included with the ceiling booms?
A: Swiveling adapter with side and top water inlet for easy installation

  • Hose guard with integrated tension relief feature
  • Two MOSMATIC high pressure swivels
  • Insulated high pressure hose
  • Detailed installation instructions

Q: What does an air system do exactly?
A: An air system is designed for the operator to dry their cars using air. It is basically a blow dryer for your car.

Q: What does water softener do?
A: It filters the water and takes out harder elements to provide a spot free rinse.

Car Wash Vacuums, Detailing Stations

Car Detailing Products, Mobile Detailing

Car Detailing Stations

Add car detailing products to offer and provide best services. Shampoo, spot remover and fragrance are your greatest mobile detailing products.

Car Wash Vacuum

Car Wash Vacuum Systems

Offering dependable, long lasting revenue generating car wash vacuum equipment, toggle switch commercial vacuums, vacuum hoses and adaptors to your self-service car washing business.

JE Adams Super Vac

JE Adams Super Vac New!

Super Vac line by JE Adams pin lock system, Medco locking system, American 2000 lock system; Super Vacs with digital display, bill validator, and combination of digital display and bill validator.

Commercial Vacuums, Combination Vacuum

Combination Vacuums

Combination vacuums offers great convenience for customers where two or three services they needed are all in one location. These commercial vacuums are combo of air/vacuum and air/water/vacuum.

Vacuum Island Canopy & Bases

Vacuum Island Canopies & Bases

Vacuum island canopy and bases can quickly draw attention to your carwash site. The vacuum island base is stainless steel constructed and the vacuum island canopy is aluminium frame and poles with vinyl cover that makes it a long lasting product.

Car Wash Vacuum Accessories

Car Wash Vacuum Accessories & Parts

We provide a variety of carwash vacuum accessories and parts to maintain and increase the life of your vacuum systems; hoses, hose tools & connectors, filters, timers, car wash boxes, security options just to name a few.

Vacuum Motors

Vacuum Motors

Vacuum motors available in by-pass motor for wet applications such as floor scrubbers or a wet tank vacuum; flow-thru vacuum motor is used for dry applications such as vacuum cleaners and dry tank vacuums.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guide

Questions and Resolutions for Carwash Equipment Maintenance

Your troubleshooting tips as well as maintenance guide on car wash vacuums and detailing stations.

Water Car Wash Systems

Self Car Wash - Boom Bay Packages

Boom Bay Packages

We provide single or dual boom bay packages for self car wash.

Car Wash Booms

Car Wash Booms

Car wash ceiling booms and wall booms are available in different sizes and designs that will fit your application. These booms can rotate 360?? rotation for the user. You can add wall boom extensions for a bus or truck wash.

Car Wash Systems - Wands and Brushes

Wands and Brushes

These wands and brushes are used in wash bay and in industrial applications for car or truck washing available in straight or bent.

Car Wash Business - Boom Accessories

Boom Accessories

Additional accessories for your boom bay.

Car Dry Systems, Air System Booms and Air Accessories

Car Wash Machines - Air System Booms

Air System Booms

These air system booms are designed for use with either vacuum or air drying systems. It can be mounted on floor, wall, or ceiling.

Car Wash Supplies - Air System Accessories

Air System Accessories

We provide air system accessories for air system booms. Contact us if you cannot find the right product for your air system.

Car Wash Drying Systems

Car Wash Drying Systems

We provide Air Shammee and Extreme Air products to improve income for your car wash business. You can add our wall-mounted hand-held dyer system to your bay area. If you preffer stand-alone dryer and tire inflator system, you can choose from our variety of products.

Pump Stations

Car Wash Pump Station

Car Wash Pump Stations

Our car wash pump stations can be used for a variety of different applications. Whether it is for public or private use, these units combine all the features you want in an easy to service and compact design.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems

For a spot free rinse for your car washing business, add commercial reverse osmosis systems to your station. Available from 600 to 8700 gallon per day production capacities.

Car Wash Accessories

Tire Cleaner

Tire Cleaners

Upgrade your automatic carwash tire cleaners to clean wheels with our stainless steel Tire Cleaner Applicator; Rated 4000-5000 PSI.

Car Wash Meters

Car Wash Meters

Our car wash meter equipment and systems are dependable and simple to own and operate. Our goal is to help every operator build a successful operation. We hope you will come to think of us as your "total" car wash industry supplier.

Industrial Curtains, Vinyl Curtain Wall

Industrial Vinyl Curtain Walls

Vinyl wall curtains are great for confining contaminants for safer work environment. These industrial curtains are customizable depending on you application needs.

Wheel / Tire Dressing Applicator

Wheel / Tire Dressing Applicator

This stainless steel tank sprayer with tire dressing applicator sprays evenly and efficiently with less waste.

Wash Brushes

Wash Brushes

These fender / vehicle brushes have poly bristles for cleaning delicate surfaces well. Some models have soft bumpers to protect painted surfaces.

Automotive Cleaner

Biodegradable Automotive Cleaners

These are environmentally friendly chemicals for engine degreaser, wheel cleaner, carpet stain remover and more.

Featured Applications for Car Wash Systems

Car Wash System Booms and Air System Booms

Car Wash System Booms and Air System Booms

  • Swiveling adapter with side and top water inlet for easy installation
  • Hose guard with integrated tension relief feature
  • Insulated high pressure hose
  • Extremely durable.
  • Detailed installation instructions

Truck and Bus Wash System Booms

Truck and Bus Wash System Booms

Truck and bus wash solution featuring a car wash booms for wall, ceiling, extension combination. The biggest advantage to the wash operator is the total extended reach of up to 40". This is an ideal combination for any kind of commercial vehicle wash and is manufactured from high quality stainless steal tubing. Also available as a dual medium version.

Complete Car Wash Bay Packages

Complete Car Wash Bay Packages

Single or Dual boom bay packages. These packages can be customized to fit your needs. We have all the booms, hoses, brushes, wands and accessories you'll need.

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