ATV's Pressure Washing

Owners of all-terrain vehicles love to get dirty. They slosh through the muck and the mud, whiz through dusty fields and ride through basically any condition it can handle. But it's not just the ride and how fast it goes that makes an owner proud, but also the look of their machine. Many ATV owners take an immense amount of pride in their vehicles, often times customizing them with aftermarket parts. That said, when they aren't getting dirty on the trails, they are otherwise usually like to have them sparkling after each ride. Pressure washing appears to be the best and easiest method to clean these vehicles.

Pennsylvania repair shop owner and avid ATV rider David Prukala says that he and his riding buddies would stop by a car pressure wash on the way home from riding to pressure clean the mud off before it caked. But ever since his father bought a pressure washer for his construction business, he was hooked.

"The mud and the silt don't come off with a regular hose. You need pressure," said Prukala. "Now that I have my own shop, I use the power washers on all of my customer's vehicles before they pick them up. It's my personal touch."

atv pressure washing

In addition to your ATV looking great clean, it will also reduce the build up of dirt. ATV's are made to get dirty, so dirt won't necessarily hurt the vehicle immediately, but it can lead to problems later. The longer you wait to pressure wash, more layers will harden, and the harder it will be to clean later.

“Dirt is bad for your bearings and chain,” Prukala said.

To clean an ATV efficiently, a medium-duty pressure washer, which uses 1300-2000 PSI, will do the job. By injecting in a detergent, the cleanser and the pressure will wash away the fun. After washing, then rinse off your ride. And, perhaps you'll even want to towel dry.

In addition to pressure washing your ATV after each ride, using a pressure washer is ideal for when you are putting it up for sale, or if you have a shop like Prukala. So, the next time your buddy says you are crazy for trying to brave that mud pit with your new 4x4, tell him not to worry- you've got a pressure washer.


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