Why choose Kranzle Electric Powered Pressure Washers?


Kranzle Electric Powerwashers are made in Germany. They have a wide range of models, which are suitable for commercial and residential use. The company prides itself on superior quality and workmanship. Each model is made with pride and care.

Before you select one of these machines it is wise to do some research. The first place to start would be the review sites. These are from people who have had firsthand experience using these machines. This is valuable to you as you will see the good and bad attributes from actual users.?? The Kranzle Electric Powerwasher have good reviews and people are mainly satisfied with their performance.

Another place to look before you buy these machines is the websites that are offering them. They give pictures and short descriptions about the machine. You will then get a rough idea of which machine will fit your needs. The types range from a small portable one, to larger machines more suitable to commercial usage.

It is important to assess your needs before you buy one of these machines. There are some advantages to this particular make of machine that you will not always experience with other makes.

  • The pump can run for several hours in idle bypass or without water without getting any damage. Many of the powerwashers that are made by other manufactures will have serious damage or accidents when this happens.
  • It is self priming, which means that it will be able to pump water from any source including pond and buckets. This means that you do not need to use a hose to do this. Because of this fact you can take it with you anywhere and not have to worry about extra hoses or being near a tap.
  • It has a 3 ft nozzle, which allows extra extension for high or hard to reach places. This is excellent for cleaning gutters at home. It is also good for detailers wanting to clean larger vehicles.
  • All Kranzle Electric Powerwashers models come with a 25 ft electrical cord. This allows mobility and is convenient as you do not have to keep plugging it into different sockets. It is ideal for car detailing as you can move around vehicles easily.
  • It is electric which means that it is easier to start and you do not have the extra expense of buying gas for the machine. It is also quieter.
  • There is a 10 year manifold warranty with the company.

When considering all these advantages it is wise to consider looking into the Kranzle Electric Powerwashers models for your home and business needs. You can also check out pressure washer parts and accessories.

Kranzle Electric Pressure Washers


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