Why Choose Electric Snow Throwers


Electric snow throwers can really save your time and energy when you have to handle a buildup of snow and ice on your driveway. They are great for smaller residential jobs and can even be used for steps. You can also use them for clearing the immediate sidewalk of your business and especially if your shop has steps. This will make sure that you do not have any customers falling down and filing liability suits against you.

Advantages of using electrical machines:

  • Start faster: electric machines do not require you to have to use a starting rope like gas machines.
  • Run quietly: these electric snow throwers will be much quieter than their gas counterparts. This is nice in a residential district as noise can be a problem with neighbours.
  • Can be used for small spaces like steps: this is very convenient as steps can sometimes be very dangerous.
  • Lighter to handle: this is good for family people as it means that most of the family members will be able to handle the machine.
  • Easy storage: because they are smaller machines they can be stored easier, in your garage or garden shed when not in use.
Electric Snow Throwers

There are a couple of different varieties of electric snow throwers ranging from small ones to larger more powerful machines.

  • SJ-322P 12” model: this is a small easy to maneuver machine. You can use it for sidewalks, steps and patios. It is light and can be used by older people and older children. The machine is easy to store as it does not take up much space. It cleans a 12” width and throws the snow up to 20feet. It can handle 6 inches of snow.
  • SJ-622U1 19” model: this is a more powerful machine. It can get through 11” of snow and can clear a 19”width. It throws the snow 20 feet. It is heavier than the SJ-322P model electric snow throwers, but is still compact enough to be stored easily in your shed or garage when not in use. This machine is good for larger driveways and sidewalks. It is still easy to handle despite its extra weight. The chute can be adjusted. Other products to consider are liquid de icers.

These machines are not only easier to handle than their gas counterparts they are also cheaper. This makes them affordable for the average home owner and small business person. They are good for fast cleanups when the snow is not too deep or icy. They are very convenient as you can just take these electric snow throwers in your vehicle to your business and store them in the back of your shop.


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