Water Recovery Systems

These water recovery systems are used with a water recycling unit. They extract the contaminated water and transfer it to the recycling system. This means that no water gets into the storm drain and there is no contamination from it.

How does the system work? The water is extracted into the 50 gallon capacity tank. It then goes into the recycling system. When it has been processed the clean water is transferred into a storage tank. This recovered water can be used by hooking up a pressure washer to it.

The HO-H2O-2SWRS model water recovery systems have two-stage motors and are equipped with 50 gallon capacity tanks. This allows them to extract 20 gallons of water per minute.
Why should we use them?

  • It is important to conserve water. You can do this by recycling it.

  • Contaminated water should be treated and the pollutants neutralized. This can be done with this system.

  • It is part of the EPA code not to allow contaminated water to flow into the storm drains and ground. With the closed circuit system, the water stays within the system and is simply recycled after it has been treated.

  • Water is conserved as it is recycled. The water recovery systems recycle water and the system's holding tank will then supply the pressure washer thus starting the cycle again.

  • It is important to try to keep wash water eco friendly and environmentally safe. This will decrease contamination of the surrounding area. There are many chemicals and oil deposits that can be found in wash waste water that can be harmful to the environment. Containing and neutralizing these pollutants will help the environment.


Water Recovery Systems

Where can these water recovery systems be used?

  • Industries: Manufacturing plants can produce contaminated water when their equipment is washed. It is very important for the water to be cleaned before it gets into storm drains and seeps into the ground. When you use one of these systems you will be cleaning the water and also recycling it. This will help you to save money and conserve water. You can also look into water recycle systems for more information on water recycling.

  • Car washes: Car washes use a lot of chemicals that could be harmful to the environment. Added to this is the dirt and oil from the cars they have washed. It is very important for the environment to use water recovery systems to clean the water and recycle it.

  • Food processing plants: Food processing plants can have a lot of contaminants. Again, these can also be bad for the environment. You can also conserve water with these systems.

  • Construction sites: Construction sites have all sorts of dirt and debris. They can also be in contaminated areas. It is good to extract the contaminated water and recycle it with this system. This will make the area safer for the workers.

As you can see, these water recovery systems are extremely important to any place that washes and cleans vehicles and equipment. There are strict EPA rules and regulations about wastewater that industries and cleaning facilities must adhere to. This is why these systems are so important. They save a lot of money by cleaning water naturally. You will also conserve water and save more money by using water recovery systems.


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