Trust and Contractor Distributor Relationship


Trust is the most important factor for a long-lasting, strong relationship between contractor and distributor. This is exemplified by being there when the customer needs you most, on top of offering only the most excellent products in the market.

A factor which can come in between the relationship is money, although usually a small price difference wouldn't be shrugged upon as long as the price difference benefits the contractor. Distributors need to be upfront and honest about the prices as well as the product availability; this is a key factor which shows the customers the distributors genuinely care for them.

In the relationship, the distributor is depended on by the contractor because of his deep-rooted knowledge in each of his products. His input and information is vital to the success of the contractor and can greatly help in acquiring new projects. To obtain this information, contractors appreciate the ease of access, that they can obtain this knowledge any time they need it, even if it means just picking up the phone and calling the distributor. Distributors should have a dedicate resource hotline that contractors can call at any time of the day to ask for a variety of information from pricing, chemicals, and even just general knowledge on products.

Contractor Distributor Relationship

Good Business

When distributors and contractors have a good relationship, this has a domino effect and the entire industry benefits from it. Without the contractor-customer, distributors have no business. Furthermore, to stay on top of their game, distributors must constantly develop their offerings and services and communicate regularly with contractors because they are the business owners and require more attention compared to the general public. They require more information to boost their sales, although they will only purchase what they need. For the business to be successful they should have a mutually beneficial relationship. If distributors want to succeed, they should listen to what the contractor-customers need. When they know what is needed, they can recommend the best products and machines required for the contractors to do their job efficiently. The contractors' needs will constantly change, so distributors should always be listening.

Take into consideration mobile contract cleaners who work with a different task every day. Although they have experience with some jobs, they may be required to do work that they have no experience with, and in these cases they rely on the distributor for some support. The distributor should be able to recommend equipment which is in the contractors' budget and ensure that these are capable of doing the job and giving excellent results. This way, the contractor receives credit and has a good standing with his customer. If the contractor receives more business, so will the distributor. When a distributor makes the first sale to the contactor, this is a trial sale because the contractor needs to test out the product or equipment in his business. Once he comes back, this marks the beginning of a long and hopefully strong relationship with the distributor. Then it is up to the distributor to initiate action which will create a bond and trust between them, such as recommend methods on closing a sale, giving them insider information on old and new products, and keep them in the loop with industry information. These things don't take too much time yet can make a big difference in strengthening the contractor-distributor bond.

Wisdom of Ages

There are particular behavioral ethics for those who are in the business of making, buying, and selling. These standards have been around since the ancient times, yet should still be respected because they are valued in modern day commerce. It basically states that the most valuable traits are diligence and skill, and although there are still instances that relationships can go sour the relevant parties must do what they can to make it right. The distributor has a responsibility to provide quick responses to the contractor when they need it. When contractors' equipments break down, they call their distributors for help and they expect a prompt response because time is money, and the longer the machine is broken the more profits the contractor loses. If the distributor wants to strengthen bonds with the contactor, they should make them feel confident that in the event of a problem or break down, the distributor will be there to help them no matter what it requires.

However, the contractor also has their own responsibilities. This includes, first and foremost, following instructions when it comes to equipment use. If they mishandled anything, they should be honest to the distributor about their fault.There are thin lines to be crossed in the relationship and many times it can still lead to angry, frustrating discussions between the two. Especially when a machine breaks down in the middle of the job, and the contractor tends to put all the blame on the distributor instead of confessing to the customer that they did anything wrong.
Both parties must have mutual respect and concern for each other, and even in the event of a grievance a civil attitude is always ideal.

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