Air Duct Cleaning


Air duct cleaning is necessary in order to provide clean air throughout buildings and homes. Dust, dirt, and sediment can build-up over time and can add to air pollution. Cleaning out air ducts will help them operate more efficiently, and allow clean air to flow through them. Using a pressure washer for air duct cleaning is one of the best ways to remove debris from many types of air ducts including steel, flex, insulated, and dryer models.
Most commercial pressure washers used to clean air ducts have several types of attachments including brushes and duct cleaning tools, that will safely remove debris from inside. Brushes can be used at different speeds (0-862.5 rpm) in order to clean different types of air ducts. These methods will not damage the inside of the ducts. Using a pressure washer with a duct cleaner attachment to clean air ducts can be used to catch fine particles and dust. These particles can be vacuumed up easily when using a brush attachment.
air duct cleaning

Since there are round and square air ducts, it can be difficult to remove dust and particles that are lodged in corners. Using the air duct cleaning attachment, these particles can easily be removed. This will allow the ducts to be cleaned and flushed quickly.

When air duct cleaning, it is important to trap as much dirt and debris as possible. Since some of the pollutants trapped in air ducts can be hazardous, it is necessary to remove debris safely so that it is not inhaled by those who live and work in the space. Using a pressure washer with a duct cleaner attachment will dramatically decrease the amount of pollutants that escape into the air.

Air duct cleaning should be done as often as necessary. It is important to protect those who breathe the air each day. Using a pressure washer with a duct cleaner attachment to clean air ducts will help supply clean air and help remove hazardous debris and other materials. There are many types of pressure washers on the market that can be used to clean air ducts. Larger machines and portable ones are available. Depending on the size of the air duct network, and the amount of debris, larger or smaller pressure washer will be needed. Using a pressure washer with a duct cleaner attachment to clean air ducts are essential in making sure the air in offices and homes is free from pollutants.


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