Kranzle Pumps – The Standard for Self-Priming Pumps


A Kranzle self-priming pump is the ideal choice for business owners looking for a worry-free pump that is easy to operate while still delivering optimum performance characteristics. These pumps are specially designed to run without water or idle for long periods of time without causing significant damage.

The beauty of a Kranzle self-priming pump is the fact that they can start and run dry for extended periods of time without damaging the pump. This is accomplished by using molybdenum-graphite backup rings that coupled with stainless steel plungers transfer the heat from the pump head to the oil bath. You might think that because of its unique design and engineering that these pumps would be a major headache to service and maintain. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth at these units are extremely easy to maintain and don’t require and special tools to service them.

There are several models of Kranzle high pressure self-priming pumps available on the market today to suit any application. The APG-15 is capable of producing 3400 PSI with a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute at 1800 RPM while the APG-18 produces 2600 PSI with a flow rate of 3.6 gallons per minute. For larger applications, the AQ model has a maximum output of 3750 PSI with a flow rate of up to 5 gallons per minute.

Kranzle Pumps

Kranzle Self-Priming Pump

Every Kranzle self-priming pump comes equipped with a Honda gas powered GX-LX model with a 2:1 gear reduction. Replacement small Honda engines are renowned for their durability and easy maintenance so it’s only natural to pair it with one of the most maintenance free pumps on the market. The combination means you as a consumer get one of the most durable and efficient products available today.

Some people may wonder why they would want to spend the extra money on a Kranzle self-priming pump and the answer is peace of mind. Other pumps require the operator to pay close attention to the pump to make sure water is constantly flowing through the pump. If a standard pump does not have water flowing through it or is left to idle than the pump can start to cavitate, which is extremely harmful to the internal parts. These pumps can self-prime for just about anywhere from a vertical, elliptical, horizontal water storage tank to a pond to even the ocean. It’s a testament to the design of these pumps that enable them to self-prime using salt water.

A Kranzle self-priming pump is the ideal choice if you’re looking for performance along with worry-free operation.


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