Space Heaters

Space Heaters , an Excellent Supplemental Heat

One of the best ways to add extra heat to your warehouse, show room, hangar, or a farm shed is through the use of space heaters. They are an efficient and convenient way to add that extra touch of warmth to an enclosed space. They are cheaper to use than turning up the heat in your home, regardless if you use an electric furnace, oil or have gas heat.

They are also great for offices, basements, garages, and laundry rooms. Electric space heaters are 100% efficient because all the energy they use are converted to heat. Many of them are portable and easy to maneuver. You can find them in all shapes and sizes such as the ones mentioned below.

  • Cubed shaped
  • Upright
  • Long rectangular shape
  • Shelve units
  • Baseboard units
Space Heaters

When choosing a heater you should look for the ones that have quiet running fans, two or three settings and a thermostat to regulate the heat better.

Types of Electric Space Heaters

Space heaters are also used for homes, garages, buildings, patios, convention centers and anywhere you need to add extra warmth. The two types listed below are mainly used for homes.

Convective heaters normally use a built in fan to move and warm up the air in a room. They are best for large areas and they are either liquid filled or have electric or ceramic elements. Radiant heaters are best used in small areas and they warm the person or items near them instead of the air in the room.

Units that are used to warm places like buildings and garages are built larger and have stronger fans to push the warm air around more easily. Theses larger units can also be used for show rooms, sheds, convention centers and hangars. Many are equipped with wheels and designed with steering mechanism to make moving the unit around a breeze.

Safety Tips for Space Heaters

Space heaters are an excellent way to make a room more comfortable, but to make sure that you stay safe while using these heaters below are a few safety tips you should follow.
  • Never leave heaters unattended
  • Do not place in high traffic areas
  • Never place clothing or other items on heater
  • Keep any combustible objects at least three feet away

You should also buy units with the following qualities:

  • Heating elements sufficiently covered
  • Does not tip easily
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Overheat sensor

Space heaters are certainly a great form of supplemental heat and using the safety tips above will ensure your safety while using one.

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