Stationary and Portable Generators

Portable Generators Is there a possibility you might lose power for an extended period of time due to hurricanes, snowstorms, construction, etc.? Are you worried about losing power to your refrigerator, heating/cooling systems, or hot water heater? With our generators you won't have to worry about the inconvenience any longer.

Our generators will allow you to run a number of your home appliances even when long power outages occur. These models are versatile and durable products that are suitable for residential, commercial, and small business applications. You can choose from gas powered or diesel powered generators.

Generators Glossary
Before choosing your generator, make sure to understand all the key-terms of all the features. Visit our glossary page for an explanation of all the generators' parts.

Gas Powered Generators

Ducar Portable Generators

Ducar Portable Generators

These portable gas powered generators by Ducar are well recognized throughout the world with reliable, very quiet and best reasonable in price. Models range from 1200 watt to 9000 watt on Ducar powered generators, our comparable offering to the Honda brand at competitive prices.

Wattage Range 1,200 - 9,000 Watt
Horse Power 2.5 - 15 HP
Honda Power Generator

Honda Powered Portable Generators

For the ultimate in quiet operation and reliability, choose Honda powered portable generators. Honda generators range from 2600 watt to 4800 watt, making them well suited for home owners and those having commercial purposes.

Wattage Range 3,500 - 4,800 Watt
Horse Power 5 - 9 HP
Power Ease Generator

Power Ease Generators

Check out our selection of the most quiet generators in its class. From residential to commercial use.

Wattage Range 1,200 - 12,000 Watt
Powermate Gas Powered Generators

Powermate Gas Powered Generators

Powermate portable generators offers superior performance, reliability and durability that has powerful Honda, Kohler or Subaru gas engines. Great for boating, camping, tailgating, home backup and for everyday jobsite use.

Wattage Range 8,000 - 12,500 Watt
Horse Power 15 - 22 HP
portable generator

Briggs & Stratton Portable Generators

No matter the reason, portable generators or home generator systems are something to think about. Whether you are looking to protect your family and possessions during a power outage, run a few tools, or venture into the great outdoors, there's no better feeling than taking control of your power needs with a power generator by Briggs & Stratton.

Wattage Range 10,000 - 17,500 Watt
Horse Power 18 - 30 HP
Home Standby Generators

Home Standby Generators

These home standby gas powered generators are for home backup use, recreational use, and professional contractor use. Models range from 11,000-12,000 Watt with Honda or Subaru engines.

Wattage Range 11,000 - 12,000 Watt
Horse Power 24 - 25 HP
transfer switch

Transfer Switch

Once the power is interrupted, the circuit board signals the generator to start and the automatic transfer switch disconnects the utility line and connects a new power line from the generator.

Generator Cover

Generator Covers

Protects your generator from UV damage, dirt, debris, and weather. Three size available to fit your generator.

Maintenance & Usage Guide

Questions and Resolutions for Generator Maintenance & Usage

Find resolutions to your most common questions for gasoline powered generator maintenance and usage.

Diesel Powered Generators

Portable Diesel Generators

Portable Diesel Generators

Get portable diesel generator for reliability and durability. These diesel generators have low noise level great for residential and industrial use.

Wattage Range 4,000 - 6,000 Watt
Horse Power 6.7 - 10 HP

Diesel Generator Sets

Diesel Generator Sets

For a steady source of power diesel powered generator sets is the one that can fulfill power requirements that provides reliable and excellent performance. Often used by hospitals, rural areas and other industries.

Wattage Range 14 - 461 kW
Engine Displacement 100 - 984 cu. in.

Power Generators Selector

Choose from the list below all the appliances that will be used during power outage (at any given time) and please be sure to enter the quantity (ie. 3 light bulbs, 2 TVs etc.) .
If you know your power requirement you can enter it in the 'Actual Power' field.

Based on your selection, you would need Watts on your generator to run your equipment.   

+ Critical Items
+ Air Compressor
+ Bedroom/Bathroom
+ Computers
+ Contractor
+ Furnaces and Heaters
+ Heating & Cooling
+ Household
+ Kitchen
+ Laundry room
+ Lighting
+ Outdoor
+ Pumps

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