Floor Scrubber Squeegee Blade

What are Floor Scrubber Squeegee Blades?

Squeegee blades are rubber blades attached in a squeegee. They are the main part of the squeegee that is used to wipe away the liquid off flat surfaces. The squeegee blades are often made of neoprene or FDA approved rubber for commercial use. Floor scrubber or squeegee vacuums also use these blades to wipe away the water once the machine has cleaned the floor with it. The floor scrubber squeegee blades are made specially to fit in the floor scrubbing machines.

Floor scrubbing machines are used in places where there is extra hygienic cleaning required. That is why they are used in combination with pressure pumps. The pressure pumps are used to release the grime from every nook and corner. The floor-scrubbing machine is used to wipe it away and give a complete spick-and-span look.

How to Check if a Squeegee Blade Needs a Replacement

The floor scrubber squeegee blade needs to be replaced after a while. Floor scrubbing machines are usually used in spaces like hospitals and restaurants which are big in size and require spotless cleaning. They may need frequent replacement to keep providing spotless cleaning depending on the use of the blades. It is also easy to replace them because they are highly inexpensive.

One of the most obvious telltale signs that the squeegee blades need replacement is that the floor scrubbing machine will start to leave water or narrow blotches of dirt behind. To further check that the squeegee blades are completely worn out, take them out of the machine. Place them in hot water and check for any signs of wear and tear. Simply inversing the blades can also work, but if you can detect slashes or the rubber looks too brittle then it may be time to replace it.
Squeegee Blade

How to Choose a Floor Scrubber Squeegee Blade

Since the new squeegee blade that you buy needs to be of the size and dimension of the original one, Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are the option to choose. You can easily buy a floor scrubber squeegee blade online on retail websites that sell OEM parts.

The first thing that you need to know to buy a new squeegee blade is the model of your floor scrubber and the OEM number. Based on these two specifications you can choose the squeegee blade from the online catalogue and place an order. These blades are highly cheap and you may find the best price online after doing a little research.

How to Replace Squeegee Blades

Replacing a squeegee blade is very simple. Is comes right out of the floor scrubber and can be easily replaced. If you are confused about how to replace it, then you may want to take a look at the use manual. The machine's user manual will have a step-by-step guide on how to replace a squeegee blade.This is because the floor scrubber inevitably needs replacement of squeegee blades after some time. That is why the OEM parts are freely available in the market.

The best way to use them and to increase their life is to use them with environmentally safe biodegradable chemicals. Since these chemicals are less harsh, this increases the life of the floor scrubber squeegee blade.



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