Colleges and Universities Power Washing

The post-secondary market is very competitive. Colleges and universities use marketing strategies against one another in the battle to win enrollments. Catchy commercial jingles and fancy mailers can attract attention. A phone call with an admissions representative can garner more interest. Researching the campus, its programs and alumni success on-line can culminate more information. But my friends, it is the campus tour that could make or break an accepted applicant's decision to actually attend.

There are many factors involved when choosing a school. Most of them start with A- Academics. Athletics. Activities. Affordability. But- there's one more- Appearance! And, I can guarantee you on the day of an open house; the college is more sparkling than it was a few days prior.

“Those old buildings sure can clean up nice,” says one facilities worker to another.

They sure can. With the help of a pressure washer that is. There are many areas of campus that could benefit from pressure washing. Investing in some with funds from the facilities budget is one way. Or, inking an annual contract with a pressure-washing contractor is another.

benches pressure washing
Cleaning Buildings

Campuses are made up of building of all types, from all eras and all materials. Some have gothic mansions, and some are just brick and mortar. Some contain historic landmarks, and others contain new buildings of modern architectural wizardry. Pressure washing these building will keep them the admirable structures they are. Especially on open house weekend! Cleaning the buildings once per year will keep them in noble shape.

Parking Lot Pressure Washing

The first place people go to when they visit a campus is the parking lot. There is lots of dirt, scum, scuff, gum, oil and grease that can build up on a parking lot. There are many types of lots as well: Dorm students, faculty/staff, visitors and commuters. You can imagine which of those needs to be cleaned most often. Pressure washing the lots for the return of students each semester is a good timeline.

Sport Fields and Courts Washing

Most colleges have some kind of sporting activity. Those facilities need tending to. When the alumni return for homecoming weekend, they want their alma mater to shine. Do you think alumni gifts will flood the development office if their school got dirty? Keep the bleacher clean. You know what kind of spills and accidents can happen at a football game! And what about the safety of players? Growth of things like mildew, mold and algae can make a tennis court slippery, which can result in slip and fall hazards, and injured players. Perhaps basketball is played inside your gym, but if the campus has a recreational court, perhaps in a dorm courtyard, they should be cleaned as well. Basketball courts, much like a parking lot, can get filled black spots caused by stomped in chewing gum, and other debris.

Walkways and Benches Cleaning

Students are pretty respectful. They take the sidewalk to and from class, rather than the shortcut through the grass. That said, debris could build up on these walkways. Pressure washing the sidewalks and paths that connect the buildings is a great way to make the walk through campus a beautiful one. Pay special attention to entrance ways, where the path opens up to doors. This may be the area with the most litter, debris and build-up.

Preparing for Paint

Many large colleges are actually on a constant rotating schedule to repaint their buildings. Pressure washing can be used to prepare these building for their new paint jobs. Since painting is ongoing, pressure washing can be an ongoing job too.

Major in pressure washing and see your campus become more clean and inviting.

The publisher of these pages is in no way responsible for any damage caused to you, your pressure washer, anyone else, your property, or anyone else's property by trying to implement or by successfully implementing the above-mentioned performance and services.