A Lifesaver – A Mobile Car Wash Pump Station


The fun stops when you look at your four-wheel drive and you cannot see the red paint for the dirt and mud you have gathered through your fun drive on a Saturday morning. Have you considered opening your own carwash? You can definitely use one. A mobile car wash pump station could be the answer to a possible thriving business that does not take a large sum of money for start-up. It will also provide a thorough cleaning job that does not take a large amount of time to complete.

You may see many of these pump stations being used by apartment complexes, boat docks, golf courses, car dealerships, and other small businesses. These pump stations can be custom designed to fit your needs for your new business. It is a compact design that does not take up a lot of space. However, it can be expanded for multiple bays in car washes and for increased business requirements. A choice of full service or partial service carwashes can be made to fit your needs and your budget.

Along with the pressure washer, the mobile car wash pump station can give you the power needed to clean big and small vehicles with excellent results. It can certainly meet your needs for a small or large-scale business that can be efficient and easy to manage.

There are other accessories along with the pressure washer that increases the power and efficiency of the pump station. A complete package will have the pump station, trigger guns, wall booms, coin stations if necessary, and much more to begin your business and have it thrive.

Mobile Car Wash Pump Station

The mobile car wash pump station can be portable if necessary and free standing if necessary. It is according to how this standalone station will be used in whatever facility or type of business. You will find that this equipment is efficient and can save you money but still provide great profit

There are many decisions to be made when purchasing the mobile car wash pump station. You will need to consider if your business will be fully or partially automated. The coin-operated services can also be used and providing attendants for initial entrance services or drying services adds a little more personal touch. The pump station and high caliber pressure washing equipment combined can give you the desired results you wish your customers to receive.

Carve your niche in a fabulous location and have your investment in your new mobile car wash pump station work for you. It is one of those reasonably priced ventures that can change your life with a small amount of effort. The efficient operation and low cost will allow you to expand your business as the profits continue to grow. The Saturday mud experience can definitely get you into thinking that with a little research, small amount of investment, and the great product can have you living on easy street in a very short time. The mobile car wash pump station along with the high pressure washers can do the efficient job for you.

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