Features and benefits of Dosatron chemical dispensers

Dosatron chemical dispensers are used for a variety of purposes. They are machines that dispense chemicals into the water. These machines allow you to regulate the chemicals so that they are always of the right proportions.

How do they work? When the water comes into the dispenser the hydraulic motor starts to kick in. It begins to move up and down. When the piston goes up the chemical is drawn from the concentrate, like an injection syringe. When it goes down the chemical enters the mixing chamber. Water that is flowing in the unit gets mixed with the chemical. The mixture is injected into the water stream by the Dosatron chemical dispensers.


Uses: there are a number of uses for these injectors.

  • Sanitization of livestock: keeping livestock clean and free from flies and parasites is an important use for these machines.
  • Eggs when they are washed: this system is used to sanitize the eggs.
  • Water treatment: treating sewage water and making sure water is safe to drink is an important safety use of these injectors.
  • Car washes: it is important to be sure that chemicals are regulated properly for car washes to cut down expenses of chemicals. Check out our car detailing products
  • Printing: these injectors can be used to make the right solutions of ink and to clean equipment.

Advantages of using Dosatron chemical dispensers:

  • They are water powered machines with hydraulic motors. This means that they do not need any electricity. This makes them extremely economical to run, because they do not need any energy source.
  • Precise measurement of chemicals so that you do not waste money buying extra chemicals.
  • Durable: these machines are made of very durable material that will withstand harsh elements.
  • Adjusts to changes in water flow and pressure
  • Reliable mechanism that does not break down. No need for downtime and wasting time and money.
Chemical Dispenser

There are a number of different types of Dosatron chemical dispensers

  • DO-D25FAII model: this is primarily used for livestock. It can dispense vaccines, disinfectant, antibiotics, etc.
  • DO-DM11FVF model: this is used to improve the quality of the water and is also used for livestock.
  • DO-D20SVFII model: this is for use in horticulture. D45RE models: there are 4 of these models and they are used primarily for hygiene and sanitation.
  • DO-D8R models are used for water treatment.
  • D14MZ Dosatron chemical dispensers are also used for water treatments.


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