Hose Holders


What are Hose Holders?

Hose holders are used to hold hoses, just like garden hose reels. It is made to store a garden hose when it is not in use. It is simply made of a stand that has to be inserted into the soft ground of your yard near the faucet. It has a curved hook style design to store the hose securely without damaging it at all.

A hose holder is usually for the purposes of utility, but they are also available in decorative design for those who prefer to decorate their garden. This is a manual type of hose holder as the hose has to be wrapped around it in a circular motion by hand. Some people may find the manual work tiring, but there is no option of a spring load design. That is why these holders are best suited for private use at homes.

How to Use a Hose Holder

A Hose holder is generally used for storing hoses. In particular they are mainly used in gardens and serve the same purpose as garden hose reels. The garden hose is used in combination with pressure pumps. The hose holder makes the use of pressure pump very easy. The pump can simply be attached to the hose and the hose can be attached to the faucet. Now you can simply take the pressure pump as far as you like without having to worry about the hose getting tangled.

Advantages of Hose Holders

A hose holder has some good benefits to offer that make it a leading choice among gardeners. Here are their top advantages:

Neat Storage: This may be the biggest advantage that a hose holder offers. The hose is stored in a secure manner when it is not in use and is neatly rolled on the hose holder in one corner.

Safely Storing the Hose: They are placed in the shade so the hoses does not crack or lose their color under continuous exposure to the sun.

Decorative Designs: For the aesthetically conscious people, there are some very beautiful designs available in these holders. They add to the beauty of the garden.

Affordability: As compared to garden hose reels, a hose holder is highly affordable. Since it does not have any elaborate reel design and is simply made of a functional stand, it can be bought at very low prices. Even the most decorative design will probably cost no more that $70.

Hose Holder

Features that Hose Holders Offer

A hose holder is slightly different from garden hose reel mainly because there is no wheel in it. Here are some of the most important features of hose holders:

  • Capacity: A garden hose holder can store a hose as long as 125 to 150 feet.
  • Mounting Options: The hose can be mounted on a small compact soil ground or even on concrete.
  • Raw Materials: These holders are made of 12 gauge construction steel.
  • Rust Proof: To prevent the holders from rusting they are powder coated for durability. They are also galvanized to prevent the fixtures from corroding.
  • Hose Butler: The hose holder has a hose butler, which usually has a 5 feet radius for easy storage of the hose.


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