Use Sandblasting Equipment to Remove Graffiti

Paint is often difficult to remove from surfaces entirely, especially in the case of graffiti. Graffiti is a big problem all over the country and finding a way to remove graffiti from homes, businesses, and schools is very important. Adding a sandblaster to your pressure washer can give you the tool that you need to remove that unwanted paint. How does sandblasting work?

Sandblasting is a process where sand or another medium is used in conjunction with water in a power washer that is equipped with a sandblaster. The water propels the sand or other medium into the painted surface to clean and abrade the surface. This process strips the paint from the surface with abrasive action to leave the surface free of paint. Removing paint is not the only reason for using a sandblaster, however.

Brick or stone buildings sometimes need a thorough cleaning to get dirt and grime out of the mortar between the stones or from the stones themselves. Using a sandblaster can remove this debris from the stones, leaving the surface of the building or structure clean and dirt free. This can make a big difference in the appearance of a stone or brick structure.


Safety is the key when using a sandblaster. Goggles and proper clothing are a necessity to help protect you from the sandblasting medium that may bounce back off the surface and from the particles of the dirt or paint itself. This includes coveralls that cover your body, legs, and arms, as well as work gloves. A breathing respirator or other apparatus is also needed to ensure that you do not breathe in the particulates. This is especially important if you suffer from a respiratory condition like asthma or allergies, but it is a good idea for anyone. Be sure that you are well away from the area before you take off the respirator, because the particulates can be floating in the air for a while after you finish.

Some mediums that may be used instead of sand are steel grit, powdered abrasives, steel shots, copper slag, and more. Depending upon the surface and the degree of paint or grime that needs to be removed, something more abrasive and powerful than sand may have to be used. Sand is normally used in most home projects, however.

Sandblaster comes in different varieties to help you finish your project with maximum efficiency. From light to heavy duty, you can find the right sandblasting equipment for your needs. A light duty sandblaster can handle up to 1500 PSI at 3 GPM (gallons per minute), while a heavy duty sandblaster can handle up to 5500 PSI at 10 GPM. Depending upon your pressure washers and your needs, you can determine which one is right for you.

Removing paint and grime can be much easier with sandblasting. Let the sand or other medium, along with your pressure washer, do the work for you. You will be amazed at how quickly and thoroughly the job will be done.


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