Wastewater Recovery Is Crucial to Any Pressure Washer

With the ever-increasing enactment of the Federal Clean Water Act, some people are expecting far reaching changes in the industry to come. As a business sector, companies should work together to act in accordance with the state laws and to educate local politicians to do something to make necessary changes in those regulations that directly affect the industry. If you are a consumer who is interested in dealing with a pressure washer surface cleaners, you have to be aware that your choice of a contractor is the most vital step in protecting the quality of water.

Several contractors do not have the necessary equipment in completing their cleaning activities without damaging the lakes and local streams. You can help minimize water pollution by choosing a contractor who is using environmentally friendly cleaning techniques. According to the EPA, there are three primary areas of concern when it comes to environmental impact within the industry and these include wastewater recovery.

Wastewater recovery is important to any pressure washer. The EPA is cracking down with stringent rules and larger fines; you can't afford not to be recovering your wastewater. In addressing recovered wastewater, the EPA has different regulations and these are based on the type and amount of contaminants. In some cases, recovered wastewater can be discharged into a sanitary drain once confined. Rules governing this kind of removal come from the sewage authority where the wastewater will be received.

Another alternative is to use water containment system to pull through the wastewater into a containment tank for transport to your own facility for appropriate treatment, or to a treatment facility. But before transporting any wastewater, you should consider local laws relating to wastewater recovery and transporting of such materials and whether having a permit is mandated. You also have to take into consideration the amount of water that will be transported, disposal fees and what vehicle to use.

Using wash water filtration systems is the most economical and comprehensive option as these systems remove contaminants from the wastewater that has been recovered as you wash. A few of these systems eliminate sufficient contaminants that the water that has been filtered can be reused. The best aspect of this kind of a point-of-use filtration system is the fact that it lessens the amount of freshwater that needs to be moved to a site.

Water Filtration

Water Containment

To know if a certain filtration system is appropriate for your applications, it is crucial to reflect on some questions as “Is the system capable of addressing your filtration needs?” “Can hydrocarbons, chemicals, heavy metals, stones, trash and dirt be removed by the system?” “Is the system sized according to your needs?”, and “Does the system have the capability to keep up with you as well as your wash system?”

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