Oil Rig, Oil Refinery, and Oil Field Cleaning


Oil serves important purposes all over the world. Due to its flammable nature, however, it is very dangerous to work around and special cleaning is needed to keep the oil refinery and the employees safe. Oil field cleaning is an important part of the safety regime, simply because it helps to remove the excess grease, oil, sludge, and other substances that can be dangerous to employees working around the rig and refinery and it can cause an explosion risk if not taken care of. By undergoing proper oil field cleaning, the attention to safety can be given to keep the employees safe and the oil refinery working efficiently.

One of the easiest to use and best tools for crude oil rig cleaning is an explosion proof pressure washer. An explosion proof pressure washer with detergent can remove any of the substances that are found on an oil rig to help keep it clean and safe. The chemicals that are used are safe for the environment, which makes them ideal for using on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. This combination of high pressure water and detergent removes all of the grease, oil, salt buildup, and more to make the oil refinery and rig as safe as possible.

In oil field cleaning, an explosion proof pressure washer does quite a good job as well. Due to the power of the pressure washer, any area can be cleaned no matter how small or hard to get to. This makes it ideal for oil field cleaning to keep the areas safe and clean for the employees. Pressure washing also helps to prevent explosion by keeping all of the areas free from flammable substances, including equipment and more. By cleaning the oil field very carefully and detailed, it helps to keep the employees safe, as well as those who live near the oil field.

Oil Rig, Oil Refinery, Oil Field Cleaning

Oil refinery or gas plant power washer cleaning needs to be carefully done as well. This is where the oil is processed or refined into much needed gasoline, diesel fuel, etc. A power washer for this purpose needs to exceed 10000PSI and can be as powerful as 40000PSI to clean equipment, buildings, walls, ceilings, etc. The pressure washing process at an oil field or refinery must be done by experienced cleaners, simply due to the amount of power that is needed to clean the oil refinery completely. Keeping the oil refinery as clean as possible will allow it to work more efficiently.

Power washing is much more effective for crude oil rig cleaning, oil field cleaning, and gas plant cleaning. Due to the area that you are cleaning, you want to be sure to use an explosion proof pressure washer in your cleaning. By keeping the buildup down on the oil rig and refinery equipment, the equipment will work more efficiently and be safer for the employees and citizens that live and work around the area. An explosion proof power washer can do this job effectively and easily for maximum safety.


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