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Water Jetters Blasters

These units range in PSI from 7,500 to 40,000! We have suitable high pressure cleaners and optimum accessories for any demand. The number of possible applications for modern, professional high pressure cleaners are virtually impossible to estimate. Every cleaning and surface preparation task creates different demands on the machine and its accessories. The spectrum ranges from simple cleaning tasks such as machine maintenance right through to removing concrete.

We combine sophisticated and innovative technology with a service network throughout the world. We aspire to meet both our own, as well as the industry's expectations. These water blasters are built in the latest computerized plants using the most up-to-date technology. without this it would not be possible to to develop and manufacture excellent quality and to deliver it without errors.

Water Blasters

Diesel Powered Water Blasting Unit
15,000 PSI - 40,000 PSI
Water Blasting Unit

These cold water blasting units have electronically adjustable pump settings ranging from 5,000 psi to 15,000 or 40,000 psi depending on the unit you choose. Pumps are made of hardened stainless steel for extended life spans.

  • Flow rates of 3.0-3.6 GPM
  • Units capable of 15,000-40,000 PSI with either electric or diesel engine variations.
  • Various mounting variations to include skid, trolley, or trailer mounts.
  • All models include a basic accessory package of: rotary gun and 48” wand, 50 ft of 3/8” hose, and foot/shin shields.

Starting around $53,398.00
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High Pressure Cleaning
7,250 PSI - 11,700 PSI

The versatile 500 and 800 series units offers between 7,250 - 11,700 PSI at 6 to 8 GPM utilizing a 45 hp diesel engine. This unit is also capable of producing heat through diesel fired burners that will take the water temperature to 200°F.

  • Control Monitoring features
  • Two integrated burners
  • Naturally, cold water operation is also possible.
  • Comes with basic accessory package which includes gun, wand, and nozzles, shoulder support, and 33ft remote cable.

Starting around $103,000.00
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Diesel Water Blaster
17,400 PSI - 40,600 PSI
Skid or Trailer Mounted

The 170 series water blaster is powered by up to a 130 HP John Deere diesel engine that delivers 2400 RPM. The 130 Series may either be trailer mounted or used as a stationary unit. Delivering up to 40,000 PSI depending on model, this unit is able to tackle the most demanding jobs.

  • Ultra High Pressure Water Cleaner
  • Unit generates 2800 bar (40,500psi) @ 8.3 – 18 l/min (2.2 – 4.75 gpm)
  • Diesel Powered by a John Deere Model BF4M1013FC Engine, Rated 130HP @2,400 rpm
  • Comes with basic accessory package which includes gun, wand, and nozzles, shoulder support, and 33ft remote cable.

Starting around $124,000.00
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Stationary High Pressure
17,400 PSI - 40,600 PSI

The Stationary high pressure water blasters of the 250 hp class offer even higher levels of performance. They can attain working pressures of up to 40,600 PSI and delivery rates up to 16.6 GPM.

  • Control Monitoring features
  • Wide open access doors on 5 sides
  • Flexible configurations
  • Comes with basic accessory package which includes gun, wand, and nozzles, shoulder support, and 33 FT remote cable.

Starting around $220,000.00
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Water Blaster Safety Equipment

Water Blaster Safety Equipment
17,400 PSI - 40,600 PSI

For proper protection use water blaster safety equipment; protective suite, safety goggles, safety boots, hand protection, gloves and more. This is a must when dealing with ultra high pressure (UHP) equipment.

Certified Certified to Regulation 89/686/ EC by an approved Institute Centexbel 0493. CE type inspection no. 04698084
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Turtleskin Protective Equipment

Turtleskin protective equipment provides protection to users of ultra high pressure (UHP) up to 40,000 PSI. Operators of water blasters need to ensure they have personal protection when using these very high end machines. It is composed of multiple panels that can be replaced individually.

TurtleSkin WaterArmor personal protective equipment has been CE type approved by Centexbel, Montoyerstraat 24, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium (notified body 0493) according to the directive 89/686/EEC. Certificate number: 00101317. We confirm that each product is identical to the item subjected to the type approval.

Ultra High Pressure Hoses

Ultra High Pressure Hose

(UHP) Ultra high pressure hoses are designed for waterblasting applications with a standard length of 50 FT. We can provide custom lengths of water blasting hose to your specifications.

  • Rated 10,000 - 18,120 PSI (depending on model)
  • Hose ID ranges between 1/4”-1” (depending on model)
  • Continuous service from 14 – 158°
  • Synthetic Rubber Tube on Abrasion Resistant Cover
  • Four to Six high tensile steel spirals
  • Safety factor of 2.5 to 1
  • Optional Waterblast Locking Quick-Connect Couplers & Plugs

Ultra High Pressure Hose

Ultra High Thermoplastic Pressure Hose Assemblies

With pressure ranging from 20,000 to 55,000 psi, these ultra high pressure hoses give years of service. Typical applications are waterblasting steel pipe, hydrodemolition, oil field snubbing, or chemical injection. Construction is of polyamide core tube and outer cover with high tensile strength wire re-inforcement.

  • Hose ID Ranges Between .16”-.75” (depending on model)
  • Continuous service from -40° F to 140° F
  • Synthetic Rubber Tube on Abrasion Resistant Cover
  • Four to Eight High Tensile Steel Spirals
  • Safety Factor of 2.5 to 1
  • Ends are MNPT or M Type Swivel (depending on model)
  • Weights vary between 7-71 lbs (depending on model)

UHP Foot Valve

Ultra high pressure Foot valves are designed for operation with flexible lances for heat exchangers cleaning applications.

  • Rated 11,000 to 21,000 PSI Foot Valves
  • Max temperature of 200-212 °F

Ultra High Pressure Blaster Accessories

Ultra High Pressure Blaster Accessories

Ultra high pressure blaster accessories are not only designed with safety in mind but also efficiency.These ultra high pressure blaster accessories are using European fittings but can be adapted for different connections.

  • 14,500 to 36,000 PSI Floor Cleaners
  • 7,250 to 14,000 PSI Water Sandblasting System
  • 11,600 PSI Ultra High Pressure Rotary Nozzle
  • Rated 40,600 PSI High Pressure Gun and Attachments

High Pressure Valves

High Pressure Valves

Choose one of these high pressure valves for applications where shutting off flow to pressures of up to 21,000 psi are needed. The high pressure valves are constructed of high grade 316L stainless steel for excellent corossion resistance. Available in multiple connection types ranging from 1/4" to 1/2" for many application types. Valves can accept up to 300 degrees F for hotter fluids.

High Pressure Valves

Water blaster units are used by all types of industries, and by contractors who provide speciality-cleaning services to those industries. They are also widely used by the surface prep industry to remove all sorts of paints and coatings. Essentially, if you have a product that is extremely difficult to remove, water blasters could be your answer.

Pressure and Flow both play key roles in an efficient water blasting system, and applications respond differently to each variable. Typically, hardened deposits respond better to higher pressures, and softer materials are best removed with higher flows. Each application is unique, though, and we can help you determine which combination of pressure and flow will work best for you.

Applications for these ultra high pressure units include:

  • Debarring System
  • Sewer Jetting
  • Hydro demolition Production Rate
  • Investment Casting Cleaning
  • Oxidation Removal at 36,000 psi
  • Chloride Removal from Concrete
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Corrosion Removal from Pilings
  • Historic Cobblestone Restoration
  • Pool Refurbishing
  • Marine Surface Prep
  • Prep for Highway Overlay
  • Paint Removal from Ships
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Concrete Surface Preparation

Some Applications for Water Blasters

Recommended Pressures

The following chart gives estimates for recommended pressures for different applications, based on past experience.
Industry Applications Recommended Pressure
  PSI Bar
  min max min max
Tire Manufacturers Latex production and storage, reactor cleaning, strippers, mixers vulcanization ovens, pipings 3,627 7,254 250 500
Accumulator factory container mixers, Floors 2,901 7,254 200 500
Aluminium plant hardened bauxite dust on mills, filters, floors, tanks, sumps,reactors and sewers 10,155 36,268 700 2,500
Automotive paint and solder from booths, machinery, grating and conveyors 11,606 36,268 800 2,500
Automotive component suppliers cleaning of plastic moulds and casting moulds 11,606 21,761 800 1,500
Aviation expansion joints, road marks, grease, rubber and hydraulic fluids on runways 10,155 36,268 700 2,500
Breweries yeast, sediments and fermentation residues on vats, pipe and facilities, storage tanks, kegs, filter presses, coolers, evaporators 3,046 5,077 210 350
Carpet manufacturer (synthetic) removal of latex residues from machinery and storage tanks 3,627 5,077 250 350
Cement plants removal of dirt, grease and product built-up on grates floors ,external piping, bins , walls hopper cars and handling equipment 3,046 5,077 210 350
  cooler hearths and preheater columns, floors rotary kilns 5,077 10,155 350 700
Ceramic industry
Porcelain industry
cleaning of mixers, filters, ovens and kneaders 1,451 5,077 100 350
  cutting of moulded blanks 4,062 4,642 280 320
Chemical processing removal of chemical residues from boiler tubes, tanks , valves, evaporators, heat exchangers, tube bundles, pipes vessels, reactors and facilities 5,077 36,268 350 2,500
Construction cleaning of asphalt distributors, mixers, tar cookers and pavers 5,077 7,254 350 500
  exposing aggregate (retarded)
Asphalt, dirt concrete, mortar, grease, mastic and clay on vehicles concrete mixing trucks and machinery
5,077 7,254 350 500
  latents for canals, lifts, dams, and runways prior to pours (no retarders) 5,000 10,000 350 700
  exposing aggregate (unretarded), concrete cutting 5,000 40,000 350 2,182
  roughening of concrete prior to coatings 7,254   500  
  Removal of extension joints 7,254 11,606 500 800
  demolition and concrete rehabilitation 14,507 36,268 1,000 2,500
  Cleaning of form work 5,077 7,254 350 500
Construction material manufacturers brick kilns and concrete stone manufacturers: Cleaning of forms, machinery, drains and conveyors. Exposing pebbles in concrete stones, removal of concrete sludge 2,901 7,254 200 500
  gypsum carton manufacturers: Cleaning of conveyors, equipment, floors, mixers, drains 5,077 7,254 350 500
  rockwool manufacturers: removal of residues from machinery 7,254 11,606 500 800
  roof tile and concrete sheet manufacturers: cleaning of forms, sieves, piping, floors, mixers 2,901 7,254 200 500
Dairies cleaning of floors, containers and machinery 2,176 3,627 150 250
  production of condensed milk: Cleaning of evaporators, coolers, tank trucks , drainage 2,176 5,077 150 350
Facade cleaning, facility management removal of environmental dirt, graffiti removal, cleaning of tiles and terraces 3,627 7,254 250 500
Farming and animal breeding cleaning of barns, machinery, drains and corrosion protection of machinery with water sand blasting 2,176 5,077 150 350
Fishing industry, smoke houses removal of deposits from conveyors , floors, smoke chambers, containers, sewage system and evaporators 2,901 5,077 200 350
Flake board and plywood manufacturers cleaning of glue containers, mixers and drains 2,901 21,761 200 1,500
Food processing, instant coffee, chocolate, honey, sugar factories, meat, abattoirs removal of deposits from conveyors, floors, containers, mixers, and filters, drain cleaning, pre-heater cleaning, evaporators, sieves, heat exchangers 2,901 14,507 200 1,000
Foundries removal of deposits, metal oxides, ceramic and sand sore, materials for casting, furnaces and paddles 7,254 36,268 500 2,500
  aluminium casting : Removal of founders black, sand core removal in waste wax process 3,627 7,254 250 500
  steel investment casting: ceramic core removal especially out of tapped blind hole 11,606 17,408 800 1,200
Highway maintenance removal of grease,vegetation, mud, tar, cement or asphalt from vehicles and machinery 5,077 11,606 350 800
  graffiti, stains, tar and mastics on concrete bridges and overpasses 10,000 40,000 700 2,812
  removal of extension joints 10,155   700  
  removal of paint strips 10,155 36,268 700 2,812
  unstop culverts on bridges and clean up overspills 10,000 40,000 700 2,500
  cleaning of drains and ducts 2,176 7,254 150 500
Marine removal of marine growth, barnacles, loose paint and rust from vessels, docks, ballast tanks, platforms, storage tanks, and boilers 7,254 14,507 500 1,000
  underwater cleaning of pipe and drilling platforms of barnacles and marine growth to "white metal" 40,000   2,812  
  paint stripping from ship hulls up to surface quality
SA 2 1/2
36,268 43,521 2,500 3,000
Meat packing cleaning of grease, fats, blood and soot from oven mixers, vats and conveyors 2,176 3,627 150 250
Metal working removal of mill scale, rust, welding slag from new vessels, tanks and pipe 7,254 36,268 500 2,500
Mining premaintenance cleaning of dumpers, drag lines, underground haulage lines and shafts - aids in the recovery of the ore 7,254 10,155 500 700
  unclog plant machinery due to coal, rock dust, mud, or oils 10,000   700  
  filter cleaning, conveyors, valves 2,901 7,254 200 500
Municipalities cleaning of water reservoirs, sewage plants, sanitation equipment, refuse vehicles, containers, sewer and drain pipes 3,046 5,077 210 350
  water reservoirs: removal of coatings, concrete rehabilitation 14,507 36,268 1,000 2,500
Oilfield paraffine and crude residues on platforms and storage tanks 3,046 5,077 210 350
  removal of drilling mud and cement from drilling pipes 3,046 5,077 210 350
Paint manufacturers cleaning of pigment manufacturing equipment 2,901 3,627 200 250
  cleaning of paint mixing drums 5,803 14,507 400 1,000
  floor cleaning 7,254   500  
  autoclave cleaning 5,077 7,254 350 500
Painters facade preparation prior to coatings, latex paint removal 4,352 11,606 300 800
  removal of corrosion protection coatings from metal installations 7,254 36,268 500 2,500
Petrochemical processing algae, carbon, scum and asbestos in heat exchangers, soft polymers, re-boilers, tanks, reactors, cooling towers and facilities. 5,077 36,268 350 2,500
  calcium carbonate and sulphate, chlorides, hard polymers, iron oxide, coke, hard carbon PVC and PVA on heat exchangers or reboilers 10,155 36,268 700 2,500
Pharmaceutical cleaning of chemicals (liquid and solids) from pipe, kettles, mixers, tubes, heat exchangers, reactors, filters and evaporators 7,689 36,268 530 2,500
Pipe (industrial) removal of rust and varnish prior to re-coating, dope and oil from pipe threads for inspection, drilling mud and debris in various kinds of pipe (internal) 10,155 36,268 700 2,500
Power station nuclear decontamination of fuel capsules, "U" tube exchangers, flash from pre-heater tubes, hand tools and equipment, Filters, coolers 5,077 36,268 350 2,500
  removal of coatings (ceramic) and deposits from gas turbines 21,761 36,268 1,500 2,500
  cleaning of turbine blades in water power stations from scale 14,507 17,408 1,000 1,200
Public utility reactors and insulators, boiler tubes, vehicles and machinery 5,077 10,155 350 700
Pulp & paper cleaning of grease, oil, pitch dirt, and wood pulp from heat exchangers, tubes, foundries, press sections of paper machines, suction rolls, stock chests and lines 7,689 14,507 530 1,000
  Black liquor 10,155   700  
Railroad gypsum, potash, cement, lime in hopper cars ; removing grease, dirt and deposits in truck and undercarriages and tank cars 5,077 14,507 350 1,000
Refineries wax, paraffin, grease and crude residues 3,046   210  
  water scale, coke, hard carbons and polymers in heat exchangers, pipe tubes and tanks. 10,155 36,268 700 2,500
  Distillation columns, filters 11,606 17,408 800 1,200
Rubber Processing chemigum, latex, SBR and water scale in reactors, storage tanks, heat exchangers, tubing, pipe and facilities 10,155 36,268 700 2,500
Steel Mill water scale, coke, ore or lime in heat exchangers, flues, boilers, open hearths, furnaces, chutes and hoppers 7,254 36,268 500 2,500
Surface preparation paint, rust, refractory buildup, salts, concrete and marine growth 10,155 15,377 700 1,060
  Cleaned to "white metal"   36,268   2,500
Synthetic fibre
pipes, heat exchanger, tanks container, mixers 2,176 14,507 150 1,000
Textile industry dyeing tanks, transportation containers, removal of fluff balls 2,901 5,077 200 350

The publisher of these pages is in no way responsible for any damage caused to you, your water-blaster, anyone else, your property, or anyone else's property by trying to implement or by successfully implementing the above-mentioned performance and services.