UHP 170 High Pressure Water Blaster

The 170 series provides the high pressure and cleaning capacity to meet your needs. The 170 series is powered by a 170 HP John Deere diesel engine that delivers 2400 RPM. The following specifications will provide more information on the 170 series unit.

Due to the high removal and cleaning power, these units pay for themselves after a very short of time. Ideal for specialized service providers, but also for construction companies, renovators and for industry.

This class represents the cutting edge for mobile high-pressure units, delivering pressures up to 2,800 bar. These high-performance units are intended for the most difficult and demanding jobs. They are economical, easy to operate and offer high safety levels.

They are thus ideally suited to building redevelopment, paint stripping, rust removal, surface removal or even, for instance, gReat exchanger cleaning. Even the most difficult deposits and coatings are quickly removed by this high pressure water blaster. All UHP 170-models can be delivered in 3 versions: stationary without hood, stationary with hood and mobile with hood.

high pressure water blaster

UHP 170 models are equipped with:

  • Inlet Water Surge Tank (approximately 22.2 Gallons (84 liter) Capacity) With Low Water Shut Down
  • Suction Pressure Monitoring to Prevent the Pump from Cavitation or Running Dry
  • Inlet Water Boost Pump Driven By the Diesel Engine
  • Inlet Water Temperature Monitoring and Shut Down Function at 140° Degrees F (60° C)
  • Inlet Water Bag Filter G1 ½”
  • Fully Automatic Pressure Control With Digital Display and Set Point
  • Compressed Air Supply System with Pressure Tank for Actuating the Pneumatic Unloader
  • Pneumatic Controlled Unloader and Pressure Relief Valve for Changeover from Pressure Mode to By-Pass Mode
pump control panel

Master Computer Monitors, Controls and Displays all Critical Functions Including:

  • Discharge Pressure Setting and Monitoring
  • Engine RPM
  • Engine Temperature
  • Engine Working Hours
  • Pump Working Hours Under Pressure
  • Fault Functions of all Safety Shut-Down Systems
  • Selection Between Automatic Engine RPM Control Mode and Manual Engine RPM Control Mode for Use With Various HP Tools and Dump Guns
  • Emergency Shut-Off Push Switch

The UHP170 units can be used with any tool from spray guns, spray lances, dump guns or surface cleaners.

See more information on accessories and parts here

The tools can be easily connected to this high pressure water blaster due to the conveniently located discharge connections. All suction and discharge connections can be accessed from outside. Matching the pump output to the connected tools is controlled by the UHP170 control system. All system control and regulating functions are controlled by a menu driven surface touch interface control panel. The menu driven control panel is practically self explanatory making the high pressure system operational and ready for use after a short training period. 

insulated hood
diesel water blaster

With the operating and service covers open wide you can reach the important parts with no problem.

The UHP170 units are extremely versatile and allow customers to choose from many options; for example the unit can be offered with a trailer, but without the sound hood. The two piece hood allows access from all sides of the pump. The frame includes a 53 gallon (200 liter) integrated fuel tank allowing a full day of continuous duty operation. The unit is light – with a full fuel and water tank the pump unit weighs only 4620lbs (2,400 kg) including the trailer! The light weight makes the complete pump system easy to tow by a vehicle rated for this weight. For crane transport, an optional central lifting lug can be attached to the high pressure water blaster.

The diesel motor has substantial reserve power for operation in various extreme climatic environments. Thus, the UHP170 unit is able to operate in high altitudes and temperatures without any loss of power. The water cooled diesel motor meets strict emission standards and is made by reputable brand that offers quality service around the globe.

High pressure water blaster with maximum safety in mind

The electronic control automatically adjusts the safety valve release for the desired operational pressure. This means that the pump will not allow an over pressurization of the system. For example, should a set of incorrectly sized nozzles be added to a tool, the system will adjust the pressure to prevent over-pressurization without need of expensive rapture disks. All UHP170-40 type pump unit controls are identical making working with varying models easier and safer

protective clothing

We recommend the use of protective clothing
when using high pressure water blaster.

The UHP 170 is offered in three models
Technical Data 2800 2000 1200
Delivery Rate 2.2 - 4.75 GPM 2.75 - 6.25 GPM 4.9 - 10.75 GPM
Working Pressure Max. 40,600 PSI 29,000 PSI 17,400 PSI
Pump Low-speed high-pressure pump with three carbide plungers, integrated reduction gear and pump gearbox cooler
Engine John Deere four-cylinder diesel with 170 PS at 2,400 rpm
Engine/Pump Speed 1,100 - 2,200 rpm/ 257 - 565 rpm
Volume of Water Tank 22 gal. 22 gal. 22 gal.
Volume of Fuel Tank 52.8 gal. 52.8 gal. 52.8 gal.
Empty Weight (trailer with hood) 4630 lbs 4630 lbs 4630 lbs
Dimensions (trailor with hood) 98.5" x 55.1" x 78" 98.5" x 55.1" x 78" 98.5" x 55.1" x 78"
Hydro Dynamic Pump Capacity 130 hp 121 hp 125 hp

Pricing Information

Each high pressure water blaster unit is built to your specifications. Many options and accessories are available. Below are some ballpark estimates of typical configurations. Accessories are at an additional cost.

UHP 170 2800 Stationary without noise insulating hood Call for Pricing
UHP 170 2800 Stationary with noise insulating hood Call for Pricing
UHP 170 2800 Trailer mounted with noise insulating hood Call for Pricing


If you have any questions regarding the model differences or technical specifications please call our Customer Service Line at Toll Free 866-858-4982 or send us an email at: info@ultimatewasher.com