UHP 250 Stationary High Pressure Cleaning Systems


UHP 250 stationary High Pressure Cleaning Systems

The stationary high-pressure units of the 250 hp class water blaster offer the highest level of performance. They can attain working pressures of 17,400 PSI up to 40,600 PSI and delivery rates up to 16.6 gallon/ min.

The highest possible demands are placed upon high-pressure units in this class. Therefore, these units are constructed using only the highest quality parts. That's why they are among the most reliable, robust and long-lasting on the market.

Units of the 250 hp class are flexible when it comes to their different uses. They can supply either one bulk consumer to two (or more) workplaces at the same time. Optionally you can convert your unit to a different class using a special exchange kit. UHP 250 units can be delivered in 2 versions: with and without noise absorption cover.

The noise absorption cover has large fully-open doors on all sides - even the top, so that operations and maintenance can be carried out without any restrictions. In addition, the hood itself is of a modular construction, so even individual parts of it can be removed or replaced.

Stationary high pressure configuration on an installation frame, vertical, space saving high-pressure pump, large water and diesel tanks, comprehensive monitoring and simple control for all types of accessories for bulk and multiple consumers, ideal for mounting on a truck or installation in a container - standard scope of supply without accessories.

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These stationary high pressure water blasting units complete the range at the top end. they stand out for their high degree of flexibility, regardless of whether you are supplying a bilk consumer or working with two spray lances at the same time.

The compact construction of the UHP 250 makes use even in restricted spaces, such as in tunnels, possible. For mobile use, the stationary ultra high pressure unit can be transported just as easily on railway wagons or its own chassis as it can on a flatbed truck.

The pump is also linked to the diesel engine with a coupler in this case. This means that the pump can run at a very low speed, which reduces the noise level and extends the operating life.

Using a special exchange kit (optional) you can alter the performance data quickly and easily. For instance a 40,000 PSI version becomes a 23,000 PSI version with higher water power.

The control system ensures that the unit conforms to the respective conditions of use. All control and monitoring functions are accessed using the menu-driven user interface, with labels in plain language - various languages are available.

The stationary high pressure UHP 250 can come with or without a noise absorption cover. the hood has large fully-openable doors on all side, even the top.

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Technical Data for the UHP 250 Stationary High Pressure Cleaning Units

Technical Data 2800 2000 1600 1200
Delivery Rate 3.7 - 7.4 GPM 5.3 - 10.6 GPM 6.6 - 13.2 GPM 8.3 - 16.6 GPM
Working Pressure Max. 40,600 PSI 29,000 PSI 23,200 PSI 17,400 PSI
Pump Low-speed high-pressure pump with three carbide plungers, integrated reduction gear and drive train cooler
Engine John Deere six-cylinder diesel with 250 PS at 2,200 rpm
Engine/Pump Speed 1,050 - 1,800 rpm/ 282 - 563 rpm
Volume of Water Tank 39.6 gal. 39.6 gal. 39.6 gal. 39.6 gal.
Volume of Fuel Tank 79.3 gal. 79.3 gal. 79.3 gal. 79.3 gal.
Empty Weight (with hood) 7937 lbs 7937 lbs 7937 lbs 7937 lbs
Dimensions (with hood) 145.7" x 59 " x 82.7 "

Pricing Information

Each stationary high pressure water blaster unit is built to your specifications. Many options and accessories are available. Below are some ballpark estimates of typical configurations.

UHP 250 2800 Stationary without noise insulating hood Call for price quoteCall
UHP 250 2800 Stationary with noise insulating hood Call for price quoteCall
UHP 250 2800 Truck mounted with noise insulating hood Call for price quoteCall

If you have any questions regarding the model differences or technical specifications please call our Customer Service Line at Toll Free 866-858-4982 or send us an email at: info@ultimatewasher.com