Turtleskin Protective Equipment


Turtleskin protective equipment provides protection to users of ultra high pressure (UHP) up to 40,000 PSI. Operators of water blasters need to ensure they have personal protection when using these very high end machines. The main advantage of the Turtleskin design of waterarmor is that it uses a modular component system. It is composed of multiple panels that can be replaced individually. Waterblasting operators will like the fact that it is lightweight and fully adjustable for any size. Gaiters, suits, and gauntlets are each sold separately. Each Turtleskin garment has thin panels on that can be shortened or lengthened as needed to fit the size of the operator. Another big advantage over other UHP personal protection is the open back to keep the users cooler. Waterjetting is not easy work, this unique design will provide circulation to the rear of the user as it protects the front. The chaps have built-in cushioned knee pads that protect the knees from jet streams and reduce discomfort when kneeling on hard surfaces. The Turtleskin protective equipment technology will reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Each panel moves independently allowing free movement and ease of use. Material is tough and rugged and easy to clean. The material of these suits also provide improved chemical resistance.

TurtleSkin Water Armor

CE Certified PPE

TurtleSkin WaterArmor personal protective equipment has been CE type approved by Centexbel, Montoyerstraat 24, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium (notified body 0493) according to the directive 89/686/EEC. Certificate number: 00101317. We confirm that each product is identical to the item subjected to the type approval

TurtleSkin Protective Equipment

Turtleskin Water Armor

TurtleSkin Torso

TurtleSkin Chaps

TurtleSkin Gaiter

TurtleSkin Gauntlet

UHP Personal Protection WaterArmor Suits

The Turtleskin protective equipment uses a modular design and are sold separately so you buy only what you need. Chaps, Gaiters, and Arm Protection are sold individually. Protect your employees from injury from extreme water pressure.

  • Tough Patented Material with Aramid Fibers, Easy to Maintain
  • Protection up to 40,000 PSI (2800 Bar)
  • Lightweight Suits with Open Back for Cooler Operation, Total Weight of Complete Gear Only 20 lbs
  • Hinged Panels for Freedom of Movement, Pieces Can Be Purchases Separately
  • Design Allows for Lengthening or Shortening, One Size Fits All
  • Built in Knee Pads for Added Comfort
  • 90 Day Warranty

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

TWA-40K Suit – Torso and Chaps $2,028.25add to cart
TGT-40K Gaiters $917.00add to cart
TWA-TORSO Torso Only $1,141.70add to cart
TWA-CHAP Chaps Only $1,219.60add to cart
TWA-ARM-40K Gauntlet – Pair $456.50add to cart

Replacement Parts & Repair Kits

TurtleSkin Parts and Repair Kit
Turtleskin Protective Equipment

Turtleskin Parts and Repair Kits

If any panel become worn or damaged, it can be easily replaced with simple tools. This can save costly delays, as well as the expense of an entire new suit. Replace only affects piece and either use the original hardware or purchase new hardware according to what section you need. One hardware kit is needed for entire torso, chap, or gaiter. Either use existing hardware or replace it.

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

VEST-TWA 1 Vest Panel - Torso $766.50add to cart
WAIST-R-TWA 2 Right Waist Panel - Torso $261.90add to cart
BELT-TWA 3 Belt $64.50add to cart
HIP-R-TWA 4 Right Hip Panel - Chaps $261.90add to cart
WAIST-L-TWA 8 Left Waist Panel - Torso $261.90add to cart
GROIN-TWA 9 Groin Guard - Torso $261.90add to cart
HIP-L-TWA 10 Left Hip Panel - Chaps $261.90add to cart
THIGH-TWA 5, 11 Thigh Panel - Chaps $249.60add to cart
KNEE-TWA 6, 12 Knee - Chaps $317.00add to cart
SHIN-TWA 7, 13 Thigh- Chaps $248.80add to cart
SHIN-RTGT 14 Thigh- Chaps $240.80add to cart
RM-TGT 15 Right Metatarsal – Gaiter $240.80add to cart
TOE-TGT 16 Toe – Gaiter $221.40add to cart
SHIN-LTGT 17 Left Shin - Gaiter $240.80add to cart
ANKLE-TGT 18 Ankle - Gaiter $191.35add to cart
LM-TGT 19 Left Metatarsal - Gaiter $240.80add to cart
Turtleskin Replacement Parts for Arms

Replace sections of the gauntlet or gloves that may be damaged or lost.

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

FOR-L-ARM Left Forearm Panel $252.00add to cart
FOR-R-ARM Right Forearm Panel $252.00add to cart
GLI-L-ARM Left Glove Insert $44.65add to cart
GLI-R-ARM Right Glove Insert $44.65add to cart
GLOVE-ARM Gloves $47.00add to cart
Turtleskin Replacement Hardware

Use your existing hardware if not affected by wear or damage, or purchase kits below as needed for replacement of the hardware. One kit needed for each Turtleskin protective equipment section of your suit.

(Shipping charge of $8.95 will apply on these items if the total order is less than $69.00)

TORSO-KIT Torso Hardware Kit $83.00add to cart
CHAP-KIT Chap Replacement Kit $142.00add to cart
GTR-KIT Gaiter Replacement Kit $77.00add to cart

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