Power Washing Safety Tips


Our residential and certain commercial power washer units are designed for power washing equipment, vehicles, boats, driveways, snowmobiles, jet skis, trailers, pools, patios and more. Higher end of commercial and industrial power washers are build for heavy duty pressurewashing applications including buildings, bricks, garages doors & floors, storefronts, parking lots, dumpsters, bus fleets, machinery, farm equipment and engines. In performing any of these jobs, you must be very well aware of the right steps that go along in completing them in a safe and secure manner. The right steps are the safe and sound procedures that are harmless for both humans and environment. The following content will provide you with the safety tips that you must be aware of when applying professional pressure washing techniques.

Safety Accessories

Security Gloves
Gray Gloves

PVC Gloves
PVC Gloves

Gloves - Industrial Duty

Industrial grade gloves for most industry needs chemical / heat / abrasion / laceration protection.

SM-116105 Grey: Split cowhide work gloves, 2-1/2" gauntlet unlined. Great general purpose work glove.

SM-116114 Black, 14" PVC Glove lined with cotton for the most demanding chemical handling. Resists alkaline, acids - even works well as a sandblasting glove.

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Gray Rough out Gloves
Black PVC Gloves
  • Color: Orange
  • Vertical stripe
  • Economical vest for outfitting a large crew
  • Orange polyester background with yellow reflective trim front and back
  • Origin: U.S. Made

(Shipping charge of $8.95 will apply on these items if the total order is less than $69.00)

Safety Vest

Rain Suit
Rain Suit

Rain Suit - 2 Pieces
  • Heavy-Duty 2-ply laminated vinyl (25 mil)
  • Jacket and pants
  • Bright safety yellow color
  • Vented for air flow

(Shipping charge of $8.95 will apply on these items if the total order is less than $69.00)

Rain Suit - Size L
Rain Suit - Size XL

Red Cone
Security Cone

8" Safety Cone
  • Size: 18" HT
  • Color: Red/orange with black base
  • Direct traffic or prevent access with these highly visible traffic cones
  • Lightweight, durable flow molded PVC stands up to abuse
  • Origin: U.S. Made

(Shipping charge of $8.95 will apply on these items if the total order is less than $69.00)

18" Red Cone

First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit

8" Safety Cone
  • 50 plastic strips 3/4" x 3"
  • 20 assorted woven strips
  • First aid cream
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Tweezers and scissors
  • Adhesive tape
  • 2 gauze bandages, 6 gauze pads
  • 4 non-adherent pads, 2 edge pads
  • 2 ammonia inhalants

(Shipping charge of $8.95 will apply on these items if the total order is less than $69.00)

First Aid Kit

Safety Tips

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Foremost, besides having a pressure washing equipment, you should wear safety-toe, non-slip sole rubber boots. If you are applying solvents use appropriate hand protection. Make sure you remove immediately any clothing saturated in solvents and wash skin with soap and water thoroughly. Watch out for burns from hot water and back blast from water or dirt particles. Do not direct high velocity stream of water on yourself or others. Do not use solvents to remove oil and grease from hands, but rather soap and water or a waterless cleanser.

Protect yourself from sharp edges and protruding parts. Wear gloves and cover sharp objects with tape, rags or wooden guards. Steer clear of electrical devices like lights and outlets. You can easily cause a short circuit or break them. Never use an electric powered washer in the rain as an electrical short circuit could happen. If you are using a gas power washer inside the building or house, make sure it is vented properly since the exhaust gases can be harmful to humans when exposed to such gases for longer periods.

On electric models power washer should never be plugged into a power source unless the trigger is in the “OFF” position.

Here are some advises when handling fuel:

  • Avoid prolonged or repeated skin contact with fuel. Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water in case of contact
  • Avoid breathing vapors or mists.
  • Remove any clothing that is wet with fuel. Allow fuel to evaporate completely outdoors before washing. Thoroughly clean clothing before reuse.

What should I do when fueling pressurewashers?

  • Identify and know how to operate emergency fuel cut offs.
  • Know location and operation of fire extinguishers.
  • Shut off engine while fueling.
  • Fill gas tank slowly to prevent fuel from spilling and making contact with the hot engine.
  • Reinstall the cap on the reservoir after filling it up. Hang the hose in place on the pump.

Here are some valuable advises on ground fault current interrupters (GFCI).