Sewer Drain Cutters


When deciding what drain cleaning equipment is right for a job, the first factor should be the diameter of the drain and the length of the pipe. Equipment size is determined by drain diameter, length and material. Larger diameter drains require larger diameter cable and cleaning attachments and more power, while smaller diameter pipes usually require smaller diameter attachments and enough power to get through blockages. The kind of clog and the type of drain also factor in. Diameter and length usually tell you which machine to go with for a job. Of course there are always jobs that may need more specific consideration. Determining the proper size equipment for the job is critical in cleaning a drain effectively. If a machine too small for cleaning a large line is used, the cleaning attempt will be ineffective, and the line will either stay clogged or slightly open and ready to clog again. Using a machine too large for a smaller pipe will have difficulty guiding the heavier cable through the line. Many situations need cables that are 100 feet long or more to reach all the way through floor drains to the nearest sewer. Pipe diameter, length and material, as well as the nature of the clog, are important to know when deciding the best way to solve the problem. The most common drain materials are plastic, malleable iron, cast iron and copper. Some larger drains are cast iron, cement or clay. Underground lines are often made of cast iron, plastic, or clay and are among the toughest drain lines to clear because of penetrating tree roots blockages. In such situations, it's important to use cable heavy enough and long enough, that has enough flexibility to get past tees and ells, and that features a cutting tool that will cut through heavy roots. If the cable is old or damaged, it can break off and require a retriever to recover it. Proper maintenance and routine inspection will help minimize cable problems. One good aid for identifying what the nature of the blockage is to employ a pipe inspection sewer camera. This will allow you to see the obstruction and choose the proper tool for your cable unit.

Regardless if someone is properly trained and comfortable using the equipment with a drain cutter; operators need to follow basic safety measures when cleaning drains and pipelines. Key safety factors include the following:

checklist Leather gloves should be used, not cloth or rubber, due to the risk of getting caught in the cable.
checklist Wear safety glasses, and rubber-soled shoes or boots.
checklist Keep loose fitting clothing away from the rotating cable.
checklist Make sure drain cutter tools are securely attached to the cable. Snap-Lock couplings are recommended.

Do not turn the machine on until the cable is inserted a safe distance into the drain line.

Below is a list of drain cutters and blades designed for use with cable system for drain cleaning. These are high quality tools for contractors or municipalities. They are designed to be replacements tools for your General Wire Cable Unit. We can also provide cutters and blades for other brands such as Ridgid, Spartan, or Electric Eel. Call for specific parts numbers if you have these brands.


Drain Cleaner Cutters

Opening clogged drains calls for tough equipment. That’s why our sewer and drain cleaning equipment is made with the most durable components. Whether you need to clear clogged sinks, tubs and laundry drains, or cut through tough root stoppages, these drain cleaning cutters are for you. This page illustrates our full line of professional drain cleaning cutters to be used with General cable systems. We can also provide these cutters that are compatible with Ridgid, Spartan, or Electric Eel. Call for details.

  • For 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” Cables
  • Solid Steel Construction
(Shipping charge of $8.95 will apply on these items if the total order is less than $69.00)
Arrow HeadAHArrow HeadStarting Drill to Get Water Flowing3/8”-1/2” $12.45add to cart
Flexible Arrow HeadFAHFlexible Arrow HeadStarting Drill for Sharp Turns in Small Lines3/8” $18.70add to cart
Boring GlimletBGBoring GlimletFor Removing Loose Objects3/8”-1/2” $14.15add to cart
Downhead Boring GlimletDHBGDownhead Boring GlimletFor Removing Loose Objects Down Waster, Not Up Stack3/8” $19.70add to cart
Down Head FittingDHFDown Head FittingConverts Standard Cutter to a Downward Cutter3/8”-1/2” $18.70add to cart
Drain Cutter1-1/4SCB1 1/4” Side Drain Cutter BladeFor Scraping and Cutting3/8”-1/2” $11.95add to cart
U Cutter Blade1-1/2UC1 1/2“ U Cutter BladeFor Scraping and Cutting3/8”-1/2” $22.90add to cart
Small Retrieving ToolRTR-1Small Retrieving ToolFor Removing Loose Objects and Broken Cables3/8”-1/2” $16.45add to cart
Side Cutter Blade2SCB2” Side Cutter BladeFor Scraping and Cutting1/2” $13.85add to cart
3SCB3” Side Cutter BladeFor Scraping and Cutting1/2” $17.30add to cart
4SCB4” Side Cutter BladeFor Scraping and Cutting1/2” $17.30add to cart
Flexible LeaderLE-113” Flexible LeaderHelps Cable Get Around Tight Bends and Traps3/8”-1/2” $36.00add to cart
Spear HeadSHDSpear HeadStarting Drill to Get Water Flowing5/8”-3/4” $20.10add to cart
U Cutter2UC2” U CutterFor Scraping and Cutting1/2”-3/4” $26.90add to cart
3UC3” U CutterFor Scraping and Cutting1/2”-3/4” $29.95add to cart
4UC4” U CutterFor Scraping and Cutting1/2”-3/4” $33.15add to cart
Heavy Duty Side Cutter3HDSC3” Heavy Duty Side CutterFor Scraping and Cutting5/8”-3/4” $34.05add to cart
4HDSC4” Heavy Duty Side CutterFor Scraping and Cutting5/8”-3/4” $37.20add to cart
Rotary Saw Blade3RSB3” Rotary Saw BladeFor Roots and Other Stoppages5/8”-3/4” $28.00add to cart
4RSB4” Rotary Saw BladeFor Roots and Other Stoppages5/8”-3/4” $28.45add to cart
Heavy Duty Saw Blade3HDB3” Heavy Duty Saw BladeFor Roots and Other Stoppages5/8”-3/4” $40.90add to cart
4HDB4” Heavy Duty Saw BladeFor Roots and Other Stoppages5/8”-3/4” $38.55add to cart
Self Adjusting Side Cutter4-6SACSelf Adjusting 4-6” Side CutterCan Pass Through 4” Pipe to Reach and Clean 6” Pipe5/8”-3/4” $35.30add to cart
Drain Cutter3-6HDECHeavy Duty 3-6” Expansion Drain CutterCan Pass Through 3” Pipe to Reach and Clean 6” Pipe. Can be Put Through 4” P- Traps5/8”-3/4” $186.20add to cart
Root RipperRP-2Root RipperHeavy Duty Spring Screws into Root Mass While Front Hook Tears Into Stoppage. Passes Through 4” P-Traps5/8”-3/4” $55.40add to cart

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