Pulsating Drain Cleaners


Sewer blocked up? A process called sewer drain jetting will have your water flowing like new in no time. There are special pressure washers designed specifically for this purpose, called sewer jetters. They can clean the pipes leading from sinks and bathtubs leading to the tanks, even those at long distances, which is especially helpful in the case of industrial piping. The fully portable, Honda powered, high pressure pulsating drain cleaner is made with a GP pump to insure maximum power.

A sanitary sewer is a type of underground carriage system for transporting sewage. In some areas, sanitary sewers are separate sewer systems specifically for the carrying of sewage, and are operated separately and independently of storm drains, which carry the runoff of rain and other water which wash into city streets.

Separate Hose Reel gives you the option of jetting inside or outside drains with machine operating safely outside.

What size drain jetter hose do I use?

1" - 4" pipe lines use 1/8" size jetter hose
2" - 6" pipe lines use 1/4" size jetter hose
5" - 10" pipe lines use 3/8" size jetter hose
8" - 12" pipe lines use 1/2" size jetter hose
10" or larger pipe lines use 3/4" size jetter hose

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Flow in Gallons Per Minute Average Pipe Size
2 GPM Up to 4"
3 GPM Up to 6"
4-8 GPM Up to 8"
10-12 GPM Up to 10"
15 GPM Up to 16"
18-20 GPM Up to 24"
35 GPM and greater Up to 36"

Pressure-Pro Gasoline Sewer Jetters

Pulsating Drain Cleaner


  • 3200 or 4000 PSI at 3 or 4 GPM
  • Honda GX Engine, Pull Start (3 year warranty)
  • Industrial Triplex General Pump (5 year warranty)
  • Adjustable Pressure
  • Thermo Relief Valve
  • Ball Valve
  • Jetter Valve
  • 100 FT Drain Jetting 1/4" Hose
  • 150 FT Capacity Hose Reel
  • Laser and Corner Nozzles
  • 10" Tubed Pneumatic Tires and dual padded shock absorbing feet
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Roll-Cage Frame
  • Dimensions: 44"H x 36"L x 22"W
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Available option for 13HP: Electric Start (add $299.00)

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Sewer Jetter Hoses

Sewer Jetter Hoses

Your source for sewer jetter hoses and foot valves for easy and efortless work. Slick and very thin hoses and hands free foot valves for professionals and pressure washing contractors. Available in large hose diameter.

Sewer Jetter Foot Valves

Sewer Jetter Foot Valves

Operators of sewer and tube cleaning equipment need both hands free to feed or retract the hose in the sewer line.

Sewer Jetting Nozzles

Sewer Jetting Nozzles

These sewer jetting nozzles are custom drilled for peak performance. Great for sewer cleaning, pipeline cleaning, drain cleaning, tube cleaning, hydro drilling and many more applications.
Pressure Range: 1750-4000 PSI

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