Questions and Resolutions for Carwash Vacuums & Detailing Stations

The Pressure hose doesn't fit on the vacuum?

Potential resolutions:

  • Hold and start the groove in the hose on the notch in the hold, the hose is threaded on
  • Turn the hose counter clockwise, it has a reverse thread
  • Turn hose until it stops, about 2 inches

Why is there no suction from the vacuum?

Potential resolutions:

  • Open, clean out the door, and verify plugs are plugged into internal mounting system
  • Check if motors are turning
  • Check if vacuum hose is hooked up properly
  • Check hose for holes or splits
  • Check door and motor gaskets

How do I change the Digital Display Readout?

Potential resolutions:

  • Purchasing a remote control with unit
  • Programming can be done from the Manufacturer prior to shipment
  • Use manual to assist in reprogramming

Why is there nothing coming out of my scent / mobile detailing machine?

Potential resolutions:

  • Start machine and set switch for one of the scents
  • Hold your finger over the tip of the gun. Push the gun button and hold it for 20 seconds to 1 minute
  • Look for bubbles in the scent bottle
  • After 30 seconds or when bubbles are seen in the scent bottle, let go of the tip and continue to hold the button
  • Hold until product comes out

Why is the machine goes on and off or won't turn on?

Potential resolutions:

  • Check coin mechanical wires to micro switch
  • Make sure they are on "com" and "n.o." not "n.c."
  • Check the timer and make sure it is set
  • If machine won't go on at all, check the power source

How do I set the timer?

Potential resolutions:

  • # of min = amount of time

Which is better, a 2 motor or 3 motor? 3 motor versus 2 motor?

Potential resolutions:

  • 3 motor has more suction = better cleaning
  • If 1 motor fails, 2 motors still available
  • 3 motors work better in high elevation
  • 3 motors pull 24 amps requiring 30 amp svc
  • 2 motors pull 16 amps requiring 20 amp svc

Machine keeps getting broken into, what security options are available?

Potential resolutions:

  • Service door security cover
  • Security kit for service door
  • Coin box cover
  • Lock bar and locks

How can I easily attract more attention to my equipment?

Potential resolutions:

  • Match hoses and domes
  • Use new decal kits
  • Polish units
  • Islands and Canopies

What type of maintenance should I do?

  • Shake out at least once a week
  • Rinse with a low pressure hose or put it in washing machine
  • Air dry filters
  • Do not machine dry bags
  • Make sure to have a tight seal to prevent motor damage
  • Change filter bags monthly (or as needed)