Car Wash Pump Station Packages


Our car wash pump stations can be used for a variety of different applications. Whether it is for public or private use, these units combine all the features you want in an easy to service and compact design. Pumps are designed for extended and hard use and construction is professional grade. Systems can be used for small operations like golf course, boat marinas, and apartment complexes or for larger scale needs like multiple bay self service car or truck wash. You can either purchase a complete system or replace existing components of your vehicle wash. Some good tips to starting your own car wash business are as follows. Find a location that needs a car wash. A high-profile location, such as a busy street with good visibility, is a necessity for a business such as this to succeed. Contact the city or county department that handles business licenses and request an application. Inquire as to what other requirements there are for opening a business. You may be required to provide insurance or follow certain restrictions for the area. Research car washes. Decide whether you want a fully automated car wash or a partially automated one that requires workers to complete part of the washing and drying process.  Make a business plan. You'll need to have all of the aspects of opening and running the business worked out for the short and long term. Advertise your new business. Use creative marketing to draw customers. Hope for rain. Rain creates mud, mud makes cars dirty, and you'll make them clean. Ultimate Washer is not limited to the selections here. We can custom design a pump station for your unique needs as well as provide for a complete line of car wash accessories

See here for typical pump room layout.

Complete Car Wash Bay Packages

Car Wash Pump Station
Pump Station

trigger gun assembly
Trigger Gun and Wand Assembly

boom with bracket
Wall Boom

Economy Wash Bay Package
Holder, Mat Clamps, Signage

Economy High Pressure Wash Pump Station Package

186D6 Wash System is the ideal choice for apartment complexes, boat marinas, golf courses, and many other venues. This pump station is great for self service car wash and is durable to be used daily for hours. Package comes complete with all the basic items needed for any wash application. Use it for car wash, boat wash, truck wash or bus wash.  Besides being economical, the pump station is also very compact.


  • 1000 to 1300 PSI at 3 to 3.2 GPM
  • CAT or General pump unit (2 year warranty)
  • 2 to 3 HP Electric Motor, 110 to 230 V, 20 amps (1 year warranty)
  • Stainless steel wand holder and mat clamps
  • Stainless Steel Wall Boom
  • Soap and Rinse Valves
  • 11 Gal Chemical Tank
  • Trigger Gun and 18 Inch Flex Wand Assembly
  • 20 FT Cord Included (no plug)
  • Instruction sign
  • Owner's Manual


  • Car / Truck Wash
  • Marina / Boat Wash
  • Golf Cart Wash
  • Bus Fleet Wash

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186D6 Pump Station Package Toggle Switch 110V / 1 Phase 1000PSI / 2HP / 3.2GPM $6,744.60add to cart
11-PWX03S Pump Station Package Toggle Switch 230V / 1 Phase 1300PSI / 3HP / 3.2GPM $8,321.55add to cart
11-PWX031 Pump Station Package Coin Mechanism 230V / 1 Phase 1300PSI / 3HP / 3.2GPM $7,842.85add to cart
Air Driven Pump - Foam Brush System

The air driven pump foam system feature a compressed air driven chemical pump that delivers a constant supply of rich, thick foam. Pump and solenoids are mounted on a panel that mounts to the pump room wall.

Separate supply lines are run from the air and chemical solenoids in the pump room to each of the foam modules which are located out near the bay to reduce "lag time" of foam to brush.


  • Air Driven Pumping Unit
  • Foamer Modules for each bay
  • Stainless Steel Solenoids with metering screws
  • 40" Brush Handle Assemblies with hoses and swivels
  • Stainless Mixing Tank with "HydroMinder" valve
  • 72" Stainless Steel Wall Booms
  • Turtle Wax® Brush Soap: 5 Gallon
  • Bay Instruction Signs
  • Weep System for freeze prevention
  • Hogs Hair Brushes
  • 12" x 5" Brush Buckets to help keep brushes clean
  • Supply Hoses, Run Tubing & Fittings
  • Made in USA
  • 2 CFM Air Compressor Required

Foam Brushing

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

186D7 Foam Brush System 120 lbs 1 $2,383.60add to cart

Single Pump Station
Single Pump Station

Car Wash Dual Pump Station
Dual Pump Station

Singles and Double Pump Stations for Truck Wash

These pump stations feature sturdy steel frames with baked enamel finish. Each leg has adjustable levels. Systems are pre-plumbed and wired for low voltage. Pumps choices include CAT, Hypro, General, AR, or Giant. CAT Pumps are featured in models depicted and indicated below with pricing. Stations with 4 or more pump systems for multiple bay configurations available upon request. Ultimate Washer can also provide a full array of accessories for vehicle wash such as wax or foam brushes, detergents, water softeners, coin and currency boxes, and boom packages. Pump stations are an integral part of any car wash setup. Whether your intended use is for car wash, boat wash, or truck wash, these systems can handle it all. Ideal for self service car wash applications.


  • 1200-2300 PSI (depending on model)
  • 3.5-5 GPM (depending on model)
  • CAT or Emperor Pump (2 year warranty)
  • 3-7.5 HP Leeson Electric Motor/ 208V/ 1-3 Phase(22 Amps) or 230V/ 1-3 Phase (12 Amps) - (1 year warranty) 
  • Single phase also available (Call for Pricing)
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame (Bench Style)
  • Electrical Panels; high quality solid state controls (UL listed)
  • Stainless steel water supply tanks
  • Double inlet design for hot and cold water inlets
  • Pressure gauges with stainless steel case, glycerin-filled for accurate reading
  • Hour Meter for indication of pump system run time for maintenance and service
  • Balanced pressure relief valve allows for use of the trigger gun as well as protecting system against damage from excessive pressures
  • Automatic shut down for operator control at wand
  • Dimensions are 62” H x 29” D x 22” W for Single Pump Stations (Dual are 44” W)

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

189AA Single Pump Station- Cars/Trucks 2300 PSI 4.8 GPM 7.5 HP Emperor 208V / 1 Phase $14,617.45add to cart
189AB Single Pump Station- Cars/Trucks 2300 PSI 4.8 GPM 7.5 HP Emperor 208V / 3 Phase $10,402.40add to cart
186DC Single Pump Station- Cars/Trucks 2300 PSI 5 GPM 7.5 HP CAT 208V / 3 Phase $10,402.40add to cart
189AC Double Pump Station - Cars/Trucks 2300 PSI 4.8 GPM 7.5 HP Emperor 208V or 230V / 1 Phase $20,556.65add to cart
189AD Double Pump Station - Cars/Trucks 2300 PSI 4.8 GPM 7.5 HP Emperor 208V or 230V / 3 Phase $18,890.05add to cart
186DD Double Pump Station - Cars/Trucks 2300 PSI 5 GPM 7.5 HP CAT 208V or 230V / 3 Phase $19,720.80add to cart
Wall Boom


  • 66" Wall Boom with Swivel
  • Material: Stainless Steel

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186EB 66" Stainless Steel Wall Boom $522.35add to cart
Wash Packages

Kit Includes:

  • 15 FT or 25 FT Blue Non-Marking 3/8" High Pressure Hose (depending on model)
  • 4000 PSI Trigger Gun with Weep Feature - to allow continuous flow after trigger is released to prevent gun from freezing
  • 25° Spray Nozzle (3.5 orifice) 1/4" NPT
  • 18" Blue Flex Wand - reach difficult areas (BN-TR1-KIT)
  • 1/4" NPT Nozzle Protector - prevent scratching delicate services (BN-TR1-KIT)
  • 47" Zink Plated Wand (BN-TR2-KIT)
  • Stainless Steel Wand Holder
  • Stainless Gun Swivel
  • 4" Wall Hook, Stainless Steel (Hose Hanger)

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

BN-TR1-KIT Wash Package - Car Wash 15 FT $144.75add to cart
BN-TR2-KIT Wash Package - Truck Wash 25 FT $147.05add to cart

Remote Switch Control Boxes

Selector Switch Options for Remote Switch Control Boxes
Possible Functions on Selector Switch

Remote Switch Control Boxes

Actuator Switch Boxes for remote control of pump stations, pressure pumps, foaming brush, presoak systems and more. Can be mounted remotely from your equipment to control cleaning functions in the bay.

Gasketed PVC or stainless boxes are designed for moisture and dust protection, but not direct water spray (except 11-CWX41P). Switches can be pre-wired for multiple options. Complete boxes are built to order to meet your specific needs.

11-CWA1PE Features:

  • PVC Box with gasketed lid
  • 3 Position selector switch for soap, rinse and off.
  • Size: 4"L x 4"W x 4"H

11-CW1PEU Features:

  • PVC Box with gasketed lid
  • 8 Position rotary switch for soap, rinse, off and 5 other options if needed.
  • Size: 4"L x 4"W x 4"H

11-CWSS1P Features:

  • Stainless Steel Box with gasketed lid
  • 8 Position rotary switch for soap, rinse, off and 5 other options if needed.
  • Size: 4"L x 4"W x 4"H

11-CWX41P Features:

  • Stainless Steel Box with gasketed lid
  • Control Box is rated Nema 4X for waterproof requirements
  • 4 Position selector switch
  • Size: 5"L x 6"W x 6"H

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

11-CWA1PE PVC 3 Function $264.00add to cart
11-CW1PEU PVC 8 Function $316.80add to cart
11-CWSS1P Stainless Steel 8 Functon $865.20add to cart
11-CWX41P Stainless Steel 4 Function $1,005.20add to cart

Car Wash Parts

18 GA, 15-Conductor Wire

Kit Includes:

  • Control wire for coin meters, motor starters and more.
  • Individual color-coded wires enclosed in one outer cover for ease of wiring.

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

Wire Sold per Foot, Please Select Quantity for Length

186F9 18 GA, 15-Conductor Wire per foot 8FT, 15FT, 20FT, 30FT $7.15add to cart

High Pressure Jumper Hose

High Pressure Hose


(Shipping charge of $8.95 will apply on these items if the total order is less than $69.00)

HOS200-096 High Pressure Jumper Hose 4000 8 FT $35.30add to cart

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