TEFC Baldor Electric Motors


There are various reasons why an electric motor may fail. The most common ones include wet environment, excessively hot atmosphere and extreme dust and dirt. Others may be a mechanical overload or excessive vibration. However, the biggest problem is the inconsistent voltage level.

If the motor is fed with the variable voltage power, the life of the motor will shorten. The result of the variable voltage is the excessive heating in the motor’s windings.

Single Phase Motors – In case of a single-phase motor, both under-voltage and over-voltage can cause excessive current draw and overheating.

Three Phase Motors – The three-phase motors have the same problem and they also must have voltage close to the nameplate value and equal to each other. Any balance deviation amount the three lines voltages causes serious heating in the motor windings. In this case, one needs to carefully measure all three line currents and all three line-to-line voltage.

Q: Is there a simple way to find the approximate horsepower I'll need to run the pump?

A: Electric brake GPM x PSI  
  Horsepower Required   = 1460 (based on 85% overall mechanical efficiency)

Q: What size motor pulley should I use?

A: Pump Pulley OD   x Pump RPM
    Motor RPM

Download Download Electric Motor HP Required to Drive a Pump Guide (117 KB)

TEFC Baldor Electric Motors

Baldor Electric Motors

Built to industrial specifications, these electric motors are fan cooled and feature heavy gauge steel frames, ball bearing, welded base and "snap-action" starting for reliability.

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MODEL HP RPM Shaft Dia. Bolt Circle Frame/C-Face Full Load Amps Voltage PRICE
8.709-766.01.51725 5/8 None 56 12/6 115/230$497.90add to cart
8.709-767.01.51725 5/8 5-7/8 56C 12/6 115/230$444.40add to cart
8.709-769.01.53450 5/8 5 7/8 56C 13.2/6.6 115/230$478.55add to cart
8.709-774.023450 5/8 5-7/8 56C 17/8.5 115/230$423.35add to cart
8.709-773.023450 5/8 None 56 17/8.5 115/230$484.20add to cart
8.709-772.021725 7/8 5-7/8 145TC 8.3 230 only$609.25add to cart
8.709-776.0317251-1/8 None 184T 13.2230$905.20add to cart
8.709-778.033450 5/8 None 5612.5230$495.40add to cart
8.709-779.033450 5/8 5-7/8 56C 13.8-12.5 208-230$577.50add to cart
8.709-783.0517251-1/8 None 184T 23230$956.85add to cart
8.709-784.051725 1-1/8 7-1/4 184TC 23230$993.30add to cart
8.709-780.053450 1-1/8 None 184T 19.5230$899.10add to cart
8.709-781.053450 1-1/8 7-1/4 184TC 19.5230$760.95add to cart
8.709-737.07.51800 1-1/8 7-1/4 215C 34.1-30.8 208-230$1,357.20add to cart
8.709-786.07.53450 1-3/8 None 213T 30-33 208-230$1,437.65add to cart
8.709-793.0101725 1-3/8 None 215T 40230$2,146.95add to cart
8.709-813.0317251-1/8 7-1/4 182TC 9.1-8.2/4.1 208-230/460$672.30add to cart
8.751-319.051725 1-1/8 None 184T 14.6-13.2/6.6 208-230/460$717.55add to cart
8.751-318.051725 1-1/8 7-1/4 184TC 14.6-13.2/6.6 208-230/460$1,133.00add to cart
8.709-827.07.51725 1-3/8 None 213T 22.1-20/10 208-230/460$706.95add to cart
8.709-735.07.51725 1-3/8 7-1/4 213TC 22.1-20/10 208-230/460$844.05add to cart
8.709-789.07.53450 1-1/8 None 184T 19-17.2/8.6 208-230/460$848.70add to cart
8.715-114.0101725 1-3/8 None 215T 29-26/13 208-230/460$870.30add to cart
8.709-794.0103450 1-3/8 None 215T 26.6-24/12 208-230/460$943.05add to cart

A.O. Smith - Pressure Washer Motors

A.O. Smith Pressure Washer Motor

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

MODEL HP RPM Shaft Dia. Bolt Circle Frame/C-Face Full Load Amps Voltage PRICE
8.709-800.0234505/8 5-7/8 56C/56C17.2/9.2/8.6115/208/230$356.20add to cart
8.903-804.0234505/8 5 7/8 56C/56C 17.2/9.2/8.6115/208/230$486.70add to cart
8.709-808.0634507/8 5-7/8 56C/56C22 208/230 $617.95add to cart
8.709-798.01.517505/8 5-7/8 56C/56C 15.0/7.5 115/230$429.35add to cart

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