GFCI Cord, Plugs, Adapters For Your Pressure Washer


A GFCI is a ground fault circuit interrupter. A ground fault circuit interrupter is an inexpensive electrical device that can provide for safety and protection of your equipment. It can also help prevent electrical fires. Portable GFCIs Plugs are used frequently by contractors at worksites. Portable GFCI plugs do not need a ground to function. Below, we offer several variations of portable GFCI plugs, cords and adapters combinations. Protect your valuable equipment and yourself with this inexpensive solution.

These models are great for protection of your tools, appliances, outdoor equipment at your jobsite, workshop, or at the marina. Constructed of impact resistant polymer and come in bright safety yellow for visibility. Ideal for wet/ dry vacs, vacuums, electric snow throwers, electric air compressors, air movers, or electric pressure washers. Designed for industrial use in harsh conditions where reliability of the equipment and power source are critical.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

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GFCI's protect people and equipment by interrupting potentially lethal ground circuits exceeding 6mA. The dangers of electrical shocks have been long known - GFCI's are the only real way to be safe. Most city & county codes now require GFCI protection on power cleaning equipment.

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8.709-850.0 120 V / 15 Amp GFCI Yes 12 FT $114.80add to cart
8.709-842.0 120 V / 20 Amp GFCI No 12 FT $150.70add to cart
8.903-807.0 120 V / 20 Amp GFCI Yes 12 FT $113.85add to cart
8.709-843.0 120V / 15 Amp GFCI Yes 35 FT $223.55add to cart
8.709-853.0 240 V / 30 Amp GFCI Yes 6 FT $351.20add to cart
8.709-860.0 240 V / 30 Amp GFCI No 6 FT $311.70add to cart
8.709-861.0 240 V / 30 Amp GFCI No 12 FT $343.00add to cart
8.709-854.0 240 V / 30 Amp GFCI Yes 12 FT $365.80add to cart
8.709-862.0 240 V / 30 Amp GFCI No 35 FT $345.75add to cart
8.709-855.0 240 V / 30 Amp GFCI Yes 35 FT $391.35add to cart
Black Nylon Plug


  • Industrial quality
  • Dead front cord caps - Nylon body straight plugs & "Auto-Clamp" for cord
  • 337013 angle plug has vinyl body and both 30A & 50A neutral leg

(Shipping charge of $8.95 will apply on these items if the total order is less than $69.00)

8.709-653.0 15A/120V, Nylon Plug $21.05add to cart
8.709-655.0 20A/120V, Nylon Plug $27.95add to cart
8.709-656.0 20A/250V, Nylon Plug $29.50add to cart
8.709-659.0 30A-50A/250V, Vinly Plug $42.80add to cart

About Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is designed to protect people from severe or fatal electric shocks.

GFCI constantly monitors electricity flowing in a circuit, to sense any loss of current. If the current flowing through the circuit differs by a small amount from that returning, the GFCI quickly switches off power to that circuit. The GFCI wiring interrupts power very quickly to prevent a lethal dose of electricity. You may receive a shock, but you should not be electrocuted. Because a GFCI detects ground faults, it can also prevent some electrical fires.

All GFCI wiring should be tested once from time to time to make sure they are working properly and are protecting you from fatal shock. GFCIs should be tested after installation to make sure they are working properly and protecting the circuit.

Most of the time, GFCI wiring does nothing; it just monitors the difference in the current flowing into and out of a tool or appliance. But when that difference exceeds 5 milli amps, an indication that a ground fault may be occurring, the GFCI shuts off the flow in an instant — as little as .025 second.