Fire Sprinkler Systems


The Dropmaster is an innovative tool to perform maintenance of sprinklers while simultaneously disposing of trapped water in system. Fire sprinkler system helps to eliminate the possibility of water damage to surrounding property. The Dropmaster technology expedites the work in finished ceiling areas, reduces system downtime and minimizes inconvenience to your customer’s business. Dropmaster allows a fitter to make changes by pulling a vacuum in the line to which it is attached. Once attached, the sprinkler heads can be changed with little effort, with no residual dirty water to clean up. Reduces work time 40 to 60 % permitting more productive time. Dropmaster removes all odor and water from a fire sprinkler system by creating a siphon effect when sprinkler heads are removed or the system is breached. The Dropmaster will maintain a 10" vacuum to stop water and odor from escaping during removal.


  • 10 gallon holding tank eliminates odors in occupied spaces
  • Saves labor 40-60%
  • Can evacuate trapped water on drops up to twenty feet long
  • Can change up to 4 heads at a time
  • No need for buckets or barrels
  • Creates suction using a vacuum pump that will run continuously without overheating
  • Calibrated vacuum to ten inches of Mercury, won’t suck the gasket of a grooved coupling
  • Automatic draining system has 20’ of discharge hose


Fire Sprinklers Maintenance Systems

Fire Sprinkler System maintenance

Fire Sprinklers Maintenance
Shown with Hitch Mount Carrier

Dropmaster Fire Sprinkler Systems

This Dropmaster odor and water eliminator system is mounted on a lift truck to be totally portable. It is mounted on wheels to allow easy access in tight places such as doorways in hospitals, industrial facilities, nursing homes, hi-tech environments, motels, or standard office doorways.


  • 3/4 HP Motor- High Torque/Low Amp
  • 115 Volt Electric Motor Vacuum Pump
  • 115 Volt Water Discharge Pump
  • 10 Gallon Tank
  • 20 FT of Suction Hose
  • 20 FT Power Cord
  • Cart Mounted
  • ¾ IN Relief Valve
  • Low Noise Muffler and Filter System
  • 38 GPM Pump used to Drain Holding Tank
  • Features a Flood Preventative Device

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DM12 Fire Sprinklers Maintenance System 115 Volts 3/4 HP Electric $5,654.25add to cart
DM12-CARRIER Fire Sprinklers Maintenance System
with Hitch Mount Carrier
115 Volts 3/4 HP Electric $620.00add to cart

Dropmaster System Compared to ShopVac Method

  Shop Vac or Dual Vacuum Dropmaster
Column of Water Restricted Unlimited
Height Restricted Unlimited
Distance from Head to Unit Restricted Unlimited
Odor Removal Restricted Unlimited
Duty Restricted Continuous
Amt of Heads at One Time Restricted Multiple
Auto Discharge Not Available Standard
Air Circulation at All Times Necessary Not Necessary
Estimated Labor Savings 15% 40 - 60%

Recommended Fire Sprinklers Maintenance

  1. Strainer needs to be inspected before every use.
  2. Oil needs to be checked before each use.
  3. Excess oil needs to be drained prior to use.
  4. Run two ounces of kerosene through hose that runs reservoir to vacuum pump once a week depending upon use. ( Every 40 hours of use)
  5. System needs to be air tight. Make sure there are no leaks that may not allow suction to occur.
  6. Clogged strainer will cause the fire sprinkler system to not function properly.