Water Softeners


We call water "hard" if it contains a lot of calcium or magnesium dissolved in it. Hard water causes problems. It reacts with soap to form a sticky scum, and also reduces the soap's ability to lather. It also leaves spots behind when washing things like vehicles.

This water softening system removes minerals and deionize water to enhance the power of your chemicals and leaves carpets feeling softer. Eliminates mineral deposits from window and awning washing as well as upholstery cleaning. Available in different sizes based on the volume of water each model will treat.

In comparison to a typical DI unit, which cost as much as $700 a month to operate (recharge), our PL series water softeners are a very attractive,, low cost solution.

PDF Download Water Softener Recharge Instruction (55 KB)

Capacity Requirements:

  • Grains of Hardness

  • PPM Iron x Maximum Total gallons used per day

Much lower cost of ownership compared to more expensive water de-ionization systems!

spot free carwash

If you are washing fleets of
vehicles this water softener system is a must.

These water softeners will give you an 80-90% spot-free rinse in all washing applications with virtually no recharge or filter replacement costs.

Water Softeners

5,000 - 22,000 Gallon Units
  • Works great for vehicle fleets, carpet cleaning
  • Removes 90% of calcium and magnesium from water
  • A carpet cleaners secret weapon for softer carpets
  • Extremely durable
  • Fittings: Garden hose input and output
  • Easily attaches between the garden hose and your cleaning equipment
  • Easy recharge after 5000, 10000 or 22000 gallon of water with rock salt
  • Type of Rock Salt: Any ice-cream rock salt at any grocery store. Do not use water softener rock salt because this type of salt uses larger chunks not suitable for our design.
  • Max Flow: 10 GPM
  • Water must be fed with pressure towards the system (up to 100 PSI)
  • No filters to change!
  • Warranty: 1 year
Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING
POP-W010 5,000 Gallon Model 19 lbs 8" Diameter, 18" High $1,268.80add to cart
POP-W020 10,000 Gallon Model 27 lbs 10" Diameter, 20" High $1,341.20add to cart
POP-W030 22,000 Gallon Model 54 lbs 10" Diameter, 30" High $1,341.20add to cart
POP-ZTESTSOFCHECK Testing Strip Kit 1 lb n/a $123.90add to cart

NOTE: If you require a system to remove 100% of the minerals, ask us about our DI systems.

Short Garden Hose
We offer this hose in a convenient length to connect the water softeners to your pressure washer from the outlet side of the bottle. Pre-cut, with fittings attached.
Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING
POP-SRTHOSE 4FT Garden Hose 4 feet $60.90add to cart

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