Sand Blasting Media


Sand Blasting media is used for various applications and can be administered using wither compressed air (pneumatic blasting) or with a pressure washer (wet blasting). Most are familiar with sandblasting methods but this product takes you to the next level of blasting with varying mesh sizes depending on your application.

Soda blasting is suggested as a one step agent for cleaning, paint removal, and degreasing. It is a sodium bicarbonate product that is environmentally friendly and water soluble. This soda blasting media is non-sparking so it can be used in explosion-proof environments. Typically this product is chosen for cleaning or decontaminating. It has a deodorising quality that is also good for mold remediation. Kieserite is very similar in qualities but more aggressive than soda blasting.

Most notable applications it is suggested for are graffiti removal, coatings removal, marble and stone restoration, and rust scale removal. When either product is used with the RIPP Induction system it operates with pressures between 10,000 to 45,000 PSI for industries like shipyards, new construction, or tank lining removal. The Maxx Clean system can be used with pressure ranges of 3,000 to 20,000 PSI. This uses an induction system drawing your media choice from a hopper for applications ranging from removing sun damage from tiles to profiling of steel with hard abrasives.

Water Blasting Equipment

Soda Blasting Media

RIPP Schematic
Schematic Diagram

RIPP 4000 Induction System

Profiler Nozzle System. Low cost, high production, rotary abrasive injected water blasting nozzles that offers speeds surpassing conventional dry and wet blasting performance. Operating pressures from 10 to 40K PSI. Uses include re-coating, new construction, and shipyard applications. System includes the rotary induction profiler nozzle, siphon hose, and abrasive pot to supply the media of your choice. (Does not include gun and wand assembly or abrasive pot)

  • Profiles Steel (1 to 4.5 mil)
  • No Tarping
  • Dustless
  • White Metal Finish
  • Cleaner Surface for Coatings
  • Reduced Completion Time
  • 360 Degree Rotation for Broader and Faster Cleaning
  • Reduces Abrasive Consumption Up To 75%
  • Removes Mill Scale and Tank Lining

Rip Nozzle

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Sand Blasting Media
Sand Blasting Media

MaxxClean Induction System

Water Blasting Induction System. Increase production with abrasive injected water blasting. Operating pressures from 3 to 20K PSI. System includes the 15 Degree induction nozzle, siphon hose, and abrasive pot to supply the media of your choice. (Does not include gun and wand assembly or Media)

Used for Removal Of:

  • Oil and scum buildup
  • Hard water deposits
  • Rust and mill scale
  • Mold and mildew
  • Multiple layers of graffiti
  • Paint from all surfaces
  • Contaminants from natural stone
  • Stains from concrete and bricks

Included Maxx Abrasive Pot:

  • 150 lb.Capacity of Soluble Abrasives
  • 225 Capacity of Hard Abrasives
  • Polyurethane Pot
  • 15 Degree Fan Nozzle
  • 50 Ft of Siphon Hose
  • Heavy Duty Welded Steel Frame Construction
  • Can Be Used With All Conventional Media
  • Good for various types of sand blasting media

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PDF Operating Instructions (141 KB)

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