Cold Water Base Mount Electric Models


Pressure washer electric models are suitable for areas where there is a constant need for cleaning dirty surfaces with necessity for their non-movement positioning. These pressure washer electric units may differ in size (28"x20"x13" to 40"x24"x47") and power (1500 to 3000 PSI). Heavy duty equipment contains a convenient quick change soap tip that can vary in angle allowing you to chose the amount of soap necessary for completing the job. The engines are totally enclosed and can have as much as 10 HP. The STAT models have a four bolt mounting plate underneath the motor and are designed to be mounted on a shelf for permanent installation.

Do you need a pressurewasher for a two man operation? Choose a 208GE or 208STAT unit and you will get one powerful machine producing 2000PSI and 4 gallons per minute per each wand/user. Please call us at Toll Free 866-858-4982 and let us know you want a dual wand option.


  • Triplex plunger pump with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Chemical Injection
  • Industrial pump (rated for 8 or more hours/day of operation)
  • 50' Non-marking pressurehose
  • Trigger Gun
  • Heavy duty wand with quick change tips in 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and soap tip
  • Totally enclosed motor
  • Look for optional accessories like the swivel hose reel with wall mounting bracket

Note: Pumps have ceramic plungers with replaceable stainless steel valves, forged crankshafts, roller bearings in oil bath lubrication. In addition, they are protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter for operator safety. Water pumps can handle fluids up to 160 °F and therefore they are great for use in any place that requires warm water powerwash cleaning. All our base mounted electric powered pressure washer units come with a chemical injection for steady and even application of the cleaning solution, 50 FT of pressurehose for more freedom and uninterrupted work, professional trigger gun and wand for secure grip and smooth operation.

pressure washer
STAT Models - are secured on the frame and they are equipped with a 55 gal water tank

base mount power washer
GE Pressure Washer Electric Models - are securely sitting on the base of the motor.


Power you can see: pressure, water volume and horsepower

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

1500GEAR 1500 3 3 230 V / 20 amp / 1 140°F Mechanical 28"x20"x13" 86 lbs $2,156.45add to cart
2000GEAR 2000 4 5 230 V / 26 amp / 1 160°F Mechanical 28"x20"x13" 150 lbs $2,887.70add to cart
3000GEAR 3000 4 7.5 230 V / 34 amp / 1 160°F Mechanical 28"x20"x13" 180 lbs $3,607.78add to cart
3040STAT 3000 4 7.5 230 V / 34 amp / 1 160°F Mechanical 40"x24"x47" 300 lbs $6,980.58add to cart
208STAT 2000 8 10 230 V / 40 amp / 1 160°F Mechanical 40"x24"x47" 325 lbs $8,691.78add to cart

If you have any questions regarding the model differences or technical specifications please call our Customer Service Line at Toll Free 866-858-4982 or send us an email at:

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