Color Coded Spray Nozzles

Today I'm going to be discussing quick-connect spray nozzles. These are all color coded and I'm going to start out with the smallest degree first, that's the zero degree which is going to be the red nozzle. This stream is going to be a very narrow and powerful stream. It's a zero degree orifice so it has a smaller opening which is going to create a lot more pressure at the end of your lance for your pressure washer. These are going to be used for very difficult to clean things, like caked on mud or tough dirt stains. It's going to have a very thin, powerful direct stream. That's the red zero degree nozzle.

Next is the fifteen degree, that's the yellow one. It's a small angle spray, its fifteen degrees so it's going to be a little bit wider than the zero degree, allowing for of an more angled spray. These are used for focused cleaning. It's not as powerful a stream as the zero degree, but it gives you a little more angle, a little more surface area coverage with the yellow nozzle.

Next is the twenty five degree, it's going to be the green nozzle. This is a medium spray angle and it's good for cleaning soft or sensitive surfaces such as your deck or maybe your fence, or any kind of sensitive material. This green nozzle is going to give you a good angle and cleaning pressure as well for those softer surfaces.

Then we have the forty degree, which is the largest angle of spray in our quick connect nozzles. It's used for a lot of rinsing of surfaces. It's not so much a tough cleaner because it has a forty degree opening which causes a larger spray angle from the end of your lance.

Lastly we have our chemical soap nozzle which is the black one here. It's sixty five degrees and it's the only nozzle that you should be using with soaps in your pressure washer. You'll want to use this with a chemical injector and always use it at low pressure, and use only pressure washer approved cleaning solutions with the chemical nozzle.

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