What is a Rotary Nozzle?

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Cut your cleaning times in half with rotary turbo nozzle.

Rotary nozzles are a great tool for horizontal or vertical surfaces where aggressive cleaning is needed. It takes the intensity of a zero degree spray angle and rotates very quickly with a conical 25 degree coverage to allow for better efficiency in cleaning. It employs a ceramic tip and seat that provide for long life without gear, teeth, or bearings. If the ceramic seat wears after extended usage, it is repairable for even longer life. The spray will cover 4-8 inches of surface depending on the distance you are from the surface. Our rotary nozzles are available in various pressures. Be sure to select the rotary nozzle that is not too small for your pressure washer. If you exceed the max pressure of the nozzle, you will damage the ceramic and render it useless. Also, it is suggested to start out using the rotary nozzle in the downward position so that the ceramic is not slamming into the seat. Rotary nozzles are sensitive to particulate which can come from the user's water source, so every nozzle we offer includes an inline filter to screen out those fine particles. Check out all of the rotary nozzles we offer and call if you need help in selecting the right one for you.

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