Testimonials Special Attachment: Rotary Nozzle


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rotary nozzle

Comments from G. Evans from Dalton, GA

If you are considering the idea of purchasing a pressure washer, I would highly recommend that you buy a rotary nozzle with your purchase. I have started my own business on the side and I would be losing money and wasting my time if I didn't have a rotary nozzle. It is by far the best attachment you can purchase. It is a powerful and a clean cut tool that will save you a lot of headaches.

Comments from Paul H.

Your small rotary nozzle is a blast. I just got finished cleaning the pavers surrounding my swimming pool and I can tell you that the rotary nozzle makes a big difference. I used to use a 15 degree spray and that worked pretty well. The only reason I tried the rotary nozzle was because the knowledgeable sales staff at UltimateWasher.com recommended it.

Boy am I glad I did. It turns out that cleaning is much, much easier than before and far less disruptive to my pavers. It was like pointing a laser at the weeds wedged into the cracks. They simply disintegrated upon contact with the high pressure spray. Not only that, but since only a small beam hits the pavers at any time, the pavers don't tend to shift, move, or come up. I can't recommend this nozzle enough, it is truly a pleasure to use.

rotary nozzle                 rotary nozzle