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Comments from Charles B. from Gaffney, SC (July 31, 2011)

At first look at the box when it arrived, I was almost ready to return it. The box was battered and torn UPS has gotten worse in handling packages. But the good new the washer was not damaged. In putting it together the pins that hold the handle to the base were short or the bushing in the retainers was not pressed in far enough. After doing some engineering I (we) got the ring clips to work but I almost destroyed the Ring Clips getting them in. Not sure I can get them out without cutting the rings off the pins. Trying to adjust the wheels was another challenge. Need some try special wrench or something the nylon insert nut was hard to move because there wasn't an easy way to hold the bolt. But once I (we) got it together it worked fine.
Product: BE-2000WAWS 20" Flat Surface Cleaner SS

Comments from Peter B. from Ormond Beach, FL

I ordered a surface cleaner model BE 1200 WAW. I used it the other day and it worked very well and I am very happy. It is well made and sturdy and did the job I needed it for very well. Thank you for the prompt service and fine product.

Comments from Tim F. from Naples, FL

I'm very pleased with your service,I got my Whirl-A-Way with in a couple of days. As far as how it works,My guy said it does a nice job Faust Pressure Washing.

Comments from John S from Georgetown Tourism, KY

Our home has over 1,200 square feet of wood deck. Cleaning this much deck with a wand type pressure washer is a long and tedious job and uses a considerable amount of water. Another drawback to using a wand is that the results are variable. In addition, the combination of high pressure and small nozzle can damage the surface of the wood if you are not careful. I purchased an inexpensive surface cleaning attachment I saw at a local hardware store as an experiment. The concept was great but the nozzles on the cheap attachment kept blowing out after a couple of brief uses. I got on the internet and came across Ultimate Washer. The design and construction looked good so I ordered a 20 inch surface cleaner which arrived in two days. Your service was excellent and the person who took my order answered all my questions.

What a difference! The Ultimate Washer allowed me to clean my decks in a fraction of the time it took using a wand. Even better, the results were superior to using a wand plus I didn't have to worry about damaging the wood. I have now used my Ultimate Washer to clean our 15 year old concrete driveway, garage floor and patio and the improvements in appearance are significant.

While it is not inexpensive, I highly recommend this product to anyone who has to clean a large surface such as wood deck or concrete. It saves time, water and money and the results are superior. The only problem is that now my neighbours all want to borrow it.

Comments from Arnold A. from Celebration, FL

Your service was great. We received the product in a very short time. This is our first sidewalk washer. The washer was easy to put together. The sidewalk washer works very well on surfaces that are not heavily moldy. Iit works great when the sidewalk is grey from mildew. It saves a lot of time on doing driveways. Overall we are happy with the unit.
Thank You.
Realtor/Leasing Cnslt/Prop. Mgr.

Comments from Pete R. from UK

I am very impressed with the top quality surface cleaners that you supplied to me. The service and shipping across to me in the United Kingdom can only be described as first class. I will not hesitate doing business with Ultimate Washer in the future.
Yours Sincerely,
Pete Raybone

Comments from D. Kurtz from Santa Rosa, CA

We recently purchased your 16" Whirl-a-Way flat surface cleaner, what a time saver it is. Moss is gone and no streak line that you get from the nozzle type of cleaner. Better yet, the price was right and your service is great, you advised us of our ship date and we could track it right to our door, arrived right on time and we love it.

D. Kurtz, Owner, ServiceMaster Building Maintenance,

Comments from F. Boedeker from Charleston, SC

Dear Friends,

I have worked at a great hotel here in Charleston, S.C. for over three years. Being a costal city in the southeast, we are constantly battling mildew, salt air and like other cities, just plain airborne dirt. These conditions combined with our humid weather play havoc with cement curbing and sidewalks.

For three years I have been using a straight lance to clean our outside areas...........I simply didn't know any better. When I would get done, my shoes were soaked ( I bought rubber boots ) my clothes were soaked and my back hurt. Worst of all, the sidewalks still looked terrible, there were missed places and everywhere there were ZEBRA stripes. Something had to give.

I did a GOOGLE search on cleaning cement and read intently about this "buffer looking thing" that connected to a pressure washer and did away with ZEBRA stripes forever. Shortly thereafter I landed on the URL of Ultimate Washer and liked what I saw.

On Monday the 14th of April 2005, I called Ultimate Washer and ordered the 16" Whirlaway. The whole deal didn't take two minutes, the man who answered the phone, Victor, knew what he was doing and knew his product. Victor promised to get the Whirlaway to me as quickly as he could.......it arrived in Charleston S.C. two days later on the sixteenth.

Within three days the sidewalks of this hotel went through a transformation, they went from dingy so-so, to absolutely nice as you can see in the photo. That is an eighteen year old sidewalk and looks new ! ALSO, we used the Whirlaway to do the deck of our 1200sq' raised cabana by the swimmingpool. Syrupy spills are no longer a problem. I even volunteered to do the kitchen floors once a month.

The 16" Whirlaway has no wheels, I was somewhat leery of this fact at first, but the bristle skirt holds back just enough water to almost float it along. No longer are wet feet something to tend with, in fact sneakers don't even get soaked, you simply just don't get wet period. The only thing that happens is the sidewalks become a wonderful thing to look at with no sore back involved.

This product is well built, you don't have to be Einstein to run it, moving parts are at a minimum and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. What more could one ask ?

A satisfied customer,
F. Boedeker
Charleston, SC

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