Hydrostatic Test Pumps

Hydrostatic Test Pumps Basic Information

These hydrostatic test pumps also known as hydrostatic line tester ensure that the pipes used for transferring water and other fluids or gases are safe to use. They will detect a leak no mater how small it may be. They are also used on newly installed pipes to make sure that they are safe and connected well.

Hydrostatic test pumps are also used to check old systems and repaired pipes. Using these pumps is the fastest and most reliable way to check for leakage in any pipe system. They are durable and very dependable.
hydrostatic test pumps

To protect the life of your pump you need to make sure that you choose the correct test pump for the job at hand. Make sure that it is installed correctly. You can use the system layout and pump applications to ensure you are using the correct system and installing it properly. Always use proper maintenance procedures to keep your test pump in perfect working condition.

Using Hydrostatic Test Pumps

Hydrostatic testing is done to see if pipes have any leakage. The way it works is by first pumping water into a closed pipeline. Once the system is shut and locked you can test for any leakage in the pipeline.

Many pumps are Honda powered and have been pre-tested and serviced to make sure they are ready to be used. These models diaphragm and crankcase has a unique designed called “oil bath” to keep the smooth operation of the crankcase. Diaphragm pumps are very durable and resistant to various chemicals can cleaning solutions.

Hydrostatic Test Pumps Designs

Hydrostatic test pumps are built for convenience to make your job as easy as possible. Many of these pumps have rear facing controls that make it easy for you to reach and use them. The value that gives you access to the discharge hose or the high pressure hose is located on the side of the pump.

Hydrostatic test pumps are normally installed on frames which are steady and built to last. They are made from aircraft aluminum or powder coated tubing that is lightweight to make it easier to handle. Aircraft type of aluminum is not only durable but it is also resistant to chemicals and rust. Most models even have pneumatic wheels to make maneuvering easier. Other features include a garden hose inlet and shut off valve.

Many of these pumps are designed with a damper diaphragm that prevents busting and a bypass valve that relieves pressure during the start-up process. They are even designed to be run dry if necessary.

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