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Ultimate Washer supplies a complete line of electric, diesel, oil and gasoline pressurewashers for private owners, power washing contractors and industrial users. Chose from hand carry, base mount, wall mount, portable, skid, pick-up mount, trailer mounted, and gas cart powerwasher designs.

Electric Pressure Washing Equipment

Electric pressure washer equipment systems are designed with the wide range of PSI and flow rate. They can be used for light, medium and heavy-duty jobs. They are quite and easy to use. Simply attach a water hose, add a detergent and plug it into the electrical outlet. The only limitation is that they can be used where electric power source is available. Nevertheless, since they don't have a gasoline tank you can use them and store them indoors without worrying about the fire hazard. The advantage over other types is that they are very economical to operate and are traditionally less expensive. In our selection you will find from smallest to largest, cold or hot water units.

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Gas Pressure Washing Equipment

If you want a unit with more PSI consider a mobile gas pressurewasher. They are designed for cleaning large areas in remote surroundings where no electricity is available. High power washers usually have higher performance ratings, faster cleaning times, and industrial parts and attachments. They offer a convenience of independency and easy maneuverability. When buying this model make sure it is equipped with: pump with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves, chemical injection, 4 different size nozzles, and good pneumatic tires. Note: if you expect the fuel to sit in the tank for more then 4 weeks, make sure to add a fuel stabilizer to prevent from varnish deposits from polluting the carburetor. Gas power washers come in the variety of different engines, but among the most popular once are HONDA and Briggs & Stratton pressure washer engines.

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Diesel Pressure Washing Equipment

Diesel mobile pressure washer units are designed for the same cleaning applications as our mobile gas power washers, but they are equipped with extended life diesel engines. Large diesel motors allow higher flows and pressures not possible with gasoline powerwashers. Our heavy-duty high pressure washers typically use metal wands and stainless steel nozzle tips, and are equipped with the durable, long life pumps. These versatile models are intended for every day and 8 or more hrs a day use. They are the best built powerwashers in powerwashing industry and are very popular among pressurecleaning contractors and are heavily used by the US Military.

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Hydraulic Pressure Washing Equipment

Hydraulic powerwashers are designed for jobs where the power washing equipment mobility is a necessity and which do not require an electric power source. As such, they are the most suitable for jobs in mines, construction, agriculture and farm equipment powerwash cleaning. They are powered by the live hydraulic source (such as trucks, tractors, combines, etc.). Simply attach the pressurewasher to any oil power source that meets the specifications of the particular model. This hydraulic unit simply transforms hydraulic pressure and flow to water pressure. As such, it allows you to clean your equipment thoroughly in the field with the limited risk of releasing chemical residue to the environment. A hydraulically driven high-pressure pump draws the clean water from the water tank and is further connected to a 40' hose, heavy duty wand and the trigger gun. The work cannot be more simpler then this.

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Air Pressure Washing Equipment

Pneumatic power washer or commonly known as air pressure washers is unique by the virtue of how the pump is powered. The entire system does not require electricity or gas to produce pressurized water. Simple air driven motor is used to turn the pump which conversely converts an ordinary garden hose pressure into a powerful 2000 pounds per square inch pressure. A 3 GPM water flow allows for easy and productive pressure washing. Air pressure washers are light-weight, economical and easy to operate. The greatest advantage is its quiet operation and ability to use it in applications where gas and diesel powered machines are prohibited due to hazardous conditions such as in chemical, paint, and nuclear plants, and also in mines and oil platforms and refineries.

Please select the pressure range that best fits your cleaning application:

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