Aqueous Parts Washers


The aqueous parts washer gives you all the cleaning power of a solvent parts washer but uses cleaning solutions that are safe and biodegradable. These units are the next generation of water based parts washers and allow immersion of your parts and in some models high pressure spray. This allows for good agitation where there are complex geometries. Models are available in cold variations employing parts washer solvents for good removal of grease and oil, or hot water for adding cleaning capacity and efficiency. Compact design choices allow for manual cleaning while larger models provide some automation and frees up the time that the user needs to attend to the parts washers.


  • Effectively Cleans a Variety of Soils, Oils, and Greases
  • Biodegradable and Non-flammable
  • Simple to Use, Easy to Maintain
  • Safe to Use on All Metal and Plastic Surfaces
  • Low Power Requirements
  • Long Solution Life

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Aqueous Parts Washers

Aqueous Parts Washer
Solvent/Aqueous Parts Washer

Solvent/ Aqueous Parts Washers

With five tank sizes and liquid capacities up to 142 gallons, the largest "Turbo Series" is available in solvent or aqueous versions. 10,000 gallon per hour flow ensures effective scouring and cleaning of parts.

  • Total parts immersion provides hands-off cleaning without operator involvement
  • Grid platform supports parts above bottom - allows for all sides of parts to be exposed to cleaning solution
  • Two-inch drain for easy fluid change-out
  • Tank size up to 142 gallon capacity
  • Solvent or aqueous models available; some models can be field-retrofit and converted to aqueous versions if cleaning method changes
  • Fusible safety link closes lid in event of a fire
  • Energy saving insulation and stainless steel lined lids (aqueous only) • Refer to voltage options for additional details on wiring options.
Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING
T4330-B Cold Solvent Aqueous Parts Washer 230 Volt/ 1 Phase 10,000 GPH $6,542.10add to cart
T4330-F Cold Solvent Aqueous Parts Washer 230 or 460 Volt/ 3 Phase 10,000 GPH $6,887.90add to cart

Spec Chart Dimensions

Parts Washer Diagram
T4330 39-1/2" 56-1/2" 37" 67" 27-1/2" 30" 23-1/4"

PDF Operations and Maintenance Manual ()

High Pressure Aqueous
High Pressure Aqueous Parts Washer

High Pressure Aqueous Jet Spray Cabinet Parts Cleaners

Blast away contamination without abrasive media. Heated aqueous detergent at 600 PSI forces away dirt and deposits without abrasive media. When it comes to removing the toughest soils and deposits, the Tempest High Pressure Spray Cabinet is without equal. We've combined the cleaning action of a tough heated water-based industrial detergent with a 600 PSI concentrated spray. The result is a process so fast and effective it's been patented. And since this is accomplished without the use of abrasives, precision machined parts like bearings can be cleaned without risk of damage. The features detailed below make the Tempest one of the most powerful and unique parts cleaners in the industrial and automotive fields today.

  • Powerful 3/4 HP pump delivers 2.2 gallons of filtered cleaning solution per minute at 600 PSI. 180 GPH
  • A 1,000 watt electric heater ensures fast heat-up and steady temperature maintenance.
  • Fluid is continuously filtered to trap chips and other solids to maintain efficient cleansing action and extend detergent life. Reusable 150 mesh filter.
  • Flexible neoprene gloves protect worker's hands from contaminants on parts or cleaning agents, while allowing for easy manipulation of parts.
  • Blower clears detergent spray and dirt from window for an uninterrupted view of workspace.
  • Foot pedal operates air switch to provide instant on/off power to pump, leaving hands free to clean parts. No electrical on/off switch on floor.
  • Cabinet illumination provided by two fluorescent lights for clear view of work.
  • Power for the pump and the window blower is automatically cut if door is opened.
  • Safety latch secures door when open. Door adds 7" to height when open
  • Economical, easy-to-change 10 gallon reservoir.
  • Operator never comes in contact with cleaning solution or contamination.
  • Unit available in mild steel or stainless steel.
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TEMPEST-10S Heated Aqueous Parts Washer-Stainless Steel 115Volt10 Gallons $11,562.85add to cart
TEMPEST-20S Heated Aqueous Parts Washer-Stainless Steel 115Volt 20 Gallons $14,025.70add to cart

Spec Chart Dimensions

27.50" 41.00" 65.50" 500 lbs 3/4HP,1Ph,115V,60Hz 1,000W,1Ph,115V,60Hz Ambient to 115F

PDF Operations and Maintenance Manual ()

Aqueous Parts Washer

Drum Mount Aqueous Parts Washer

Rugged non corrosive thermoplastic parts washer with stainless steel backsplash (no lid). Recirculates heated, filtered cleaning solution thru flow-thru brush or stay-put nozzle is ideal for job site general parts cleaning in industrial, marine, automotive, farm and aviation industries.

  • Heated aqueous 100 degree (43 degree Celsius) fluid circulates at 300 GPH
  • Rugged thermoplastic non-corrosive construction and is backed by five-year warranty
  • Flow-Thru brush, flexible Stay-Put nozzle to brush or flush away soil
  • Low liquid level shuts off heater in event liquid level drops below a setpoint
  • GFCI shuts entire unit down in event of electrical short
  • Triple Action Filtration is achieved by pump pre-filter, stainless steel strainer and polypropylene cartridge
  • Stable base is fluid reservoir; removable sink and power module for simple setup, maintenance and service
  • Indicator lights for Power On, Heater On, Low Water Shut Down
  • 30 gallon capacity reservoir - lift-off sink
  • 300 lbs Parts Load Capacity
  • Dimensions 31" L x 39" W x 43" H
Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING
PH922-A Drum Mount Aqueous Parts Washer with Lid 115Volt 20-30 Gallons $2,455.45add to cart

PDF Operations and Maintenance Manual (493Kb)

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