Wash Water Containment System
The best way to obey the strict laws against Environmental Pollution


The Environmental Protection Agency regulates the disposal of contaminated waste water from industrial or commercial cleaning operations. These laws are enforced at state and local levels throughout the United States. Canada, Europe, Japan, and many other countries have similar laws in place that are routinely enforced.

Compliance with EPA regulations has traditionally been a costly and complicated process. A water containment system consisted of water vacuums, hoses, pumps, and holding tanks. Significant storage space had to be devoted to housing equipment, and set up and disassembly was a time consuming ordeal. Many power washing companies complied in part at best. Others took their chances bypassing EPA regulations to the detriment of the environment.

Wash Water Containment System

Today, specially designed, compact water containment system options make compliance with EPA laws simple. Easy to store, portable, and affordable systems make chemical and waste water collection and removal a snap.

The new Vacu-Boom functions as either a complete or runoff water containment system. The Vacu-Boom consists of a hollow, flexible tube used in conjunction with a portable wet vacuum recovery unit. The tube is placed on the down slope side of hard surfaces to form a collection dam, or used to completely encircle the wash or containment area. Liquids are simultaneously captured and extracted, but not absorbed into the Vacu-Boom's materials. Simply rinse off the Vacu-Boom after usage.

Wash mats are another effective, easy to assemble water containment system. These are vinyl, rectangular mats with specially designed foam barriers on all sides. Vehicles or equipment are driven directly onto the surface of the mat for cleaning. Waste water is contained within the walls of the mat and pumped out into a tank for removal and proper treatment and disposal.

Both the Vacu-Boom and wash mat water containment systems allow little excuse for non-compliance with EPA regulations.

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The Vacu-Boom system is engineered to be used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications where chemicals and fluid waste must be contained and/or captured and removed from the site.